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What Does a Video Game Producer Do?

Sometimes, people are confused about a producer’s responsibility in this field and what they do in 2021. They have to wear many different hats. Game Producer is a link and bridge to getting the final product finished. In a nutshell, this job title gets things done. People always ask questions about this job role, as it seems to be an unknown job title. When you hear a game creator, you know that they create. When you hear a game tester, their role is to test out the games. But producers always seem to confuse people with what it is they do exactly. So we are going to explain this role and state the responsibilities in the article.

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Roles of a Game Producer

The gaming industry is a huge business as its revenue goes over 30 billion every year. Not only one person works on creating a new video game. However, the game producer is often found in the shadows, not seen much, unless things go wrong. Game producers are the ones that face the bullets. In a way, the producer of the game has to work between the developers of the games and the publishers. So it can be a tricky job role. They often have to merge the money aspect of the project with the artistic, creative side. Below are the main functions that a game developer will have on a project:

  • Develop new gaming ideas.
  • Ensure there are licenses and rights for intellectual property such as songs, art, music, celebrity, etc.
  • Keep the publisher up to date on the development status. Also, responding to any issues that may arise, making sure the developer has assistance if needed, increasing the project’s funds, or even ending the project if necessary.
  • Work with the publisher and sales department to advertise the project. Target a certain audience, check out all the competition the game will have.
  • Negotiate the deals with the game developers.
  • Work with the marketing crew to package the game.
  • Make sure the game is translated into other languages if required.
  • Show off the game at various events, such as trade shows and press tours.

As you can see, this job title wears quite a few hats and is connected to many different departments. This is what makes the game producer’s role so important in the industry. If you look at the role of a game producer a little like a book editor or film producer. They are the people that get a green light to go ahead with a project. Game producers are determined to finish the project on time because they have a date to get it to the shelves. It is the game producer that must be able to write and speak well. They will need to communicate with many other departments and people to complete the job efficiently and on time.

It is the job description to speak in front of others to sell them the project. They will often talk to executives trying to sell them the idea. This requires game producers to be smart, confident, believable, and have lots of energy. What makes this job role so interesting is that they hold everything together. They are involved in so many aspects of the final production. If anyone on the project has any questions, they will head to the producer for answers. So the person that takes the role of a game producer must be a likable, people-friendly person. Other people on the project should feel comfortable around them, confident asking questions.

How Do I Become a Game Producer?

If you are a good listener and enjoy working with other people, a game producer could be the job for you. You will have lots of people working around you, and you will be the one holding it all together. If you are confident speaking in front of others and dedicated to getting the project finished to a high level and on time, then a game producer sounds like a job role you can love. Why not try out the ELVTR course Game Production, which helps young and enthusiastic game producers learn their trade. After completing the course, which consists of twelve online classes, young specialists will understand the game production field and gain the specific skills required to build a career in this industry. Andy Johnson, Senior Producer for projects by the Pokémon Company Intl. and Principal Program Manager for Minecraft, will be the course instructor. He will share his unique experience, present particular tips, and give feedback to the students.

Final Thoughts

To summarise, the game producer’s role is handling the plan of game development to a successful game being released. You will feel rewarded with your work by taking on this job role, as you are the centerpiece of game development. You will be able to help others get entertained with brand new concepts and new games. The upcoming EVLTR course on Game Production gives you an excellent opportunity to learn how to launch hit games from the AAA game producer. Take a chance to start a gaming career you always wanted.

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