Published On: Mon, Feb 3rd, 2020

What Digital Marketing Tasks Should Businesses Do In-house and Ones to Outsource?

For new companies and older ones that have been reticent to embrace the internet but now realize the necessity of it, the question they often have is what digital marketing should they do in-house? The smaller the business, the harder the challenge is to either employ someone for their internet marketing skills or to seek other options like freelancers or outsourcing to a digital marketing agency.

In this article, we look at what tasks, like Amazon Affiliate marketing, are suitable to businesses of different sizes and those that shouldn’t be tackled independently.

Content Marketing

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Content marketing is any kind of written content that’s published online in some fashion. This is usually articles published on a company’s blog or guest post published on industry websites that aim to reach interested parties. This is something that existing staff can produce without needing a copywriter to do so.

While old-fashioned CEOs might see content marketing as unnecessary, the reality is that it provides a useful outlet for businesses to put a voice to a brand. Outside of paid advertising, it’s often difficult for small businesses to compete in a national or global marketplace. Getting their voice heard through providing meaningful insights that will impress their potential customers enough to consider signing up or buying a product are powerful outcomes.

Video Marketing

Video marketing continues to be a growing force with many consumers and business users alike watching YouTube on their smartphones, on tablets, home PCs and smart TVs. The power of video marketing is now recognized as one that shapes ideas about a brand and potentially strengthens its followers too.

People rarely see how a business puts together a service or produces a product. There’s a natural curiosity about what goes on behind the scenes. Between YouTube and other marketing channels like Instagram and Facebook, video content has a place along with images and the written word.

Making short 5-15-minute video content complete with voiceovers, video intros and segment animations to keep things interesting is no easy task. It requires a trained videographer and video editor who’s familiar with editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro. Beyond a trained videographer, a budding YouTuber with a modest audience but a track record of interesting videos and clear editing skills might also be a useful ‘gig economy’ part-time hire when not wanting a full-time staffer.

Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to ranking the company’s website better on the internet, that’s a very involved space. It changes continually with new algorithm updates from Google that shake up the industry on a regular basis. The techniques and best practices for companies to use for search engine optimization (SEO) don’t stay the same for long.

Due to the above factors, it’s best to outsource the SEO to a professional team that specializes in this field. A company like this Boca Raton SEO specialist will be able to stay current with the latest developments to ensure that they do right by their clients to get them the best possible rankings in the Google and Bing search engines.

Picking and choosing between which digital marketing tasks to do in-house and those to outsource relieves companies of the burden of trying to do everything themselves. This permits them to focus on their core business and not get distracted.


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