Published On: Tue, Mar 17th, 2015

What Did We Learn From The Jennifer Lawrence Nude Photo Hack?

In case you were not aware of this (which would be weird since everyone talks about this lately), the cloud accounts of dozens of Hollywood celebrities were hacked. This led to various different celebrities that took nude and risqué pictures in the past being affected. Jennifer Lawrence nude photos appeared all around the internet, together with Kate Upton nudes and so much more.

The hack appeared due to a security that Apple iCloud’s had. Just one hacker managed to gain access to the accounts of the celebrities and basically copied every single nude photo or video that he found, with the purpose of making money. While the hacker will most likely be discovered, sued and end up in jail, the internet world can now look at naked pictures of Jennifer Lawrence.

The incident does help us to realize some things that are really important and that every single person out there should realize. That is what we will talk about and we would invite you to simply read everything that you find about technology through honest blogs like Dzhingarov. The more you know, the better the chance you will not be faced with situations that can hurt you, like Lawrence did.

tearful Jennifer Lawrence as KatnissIf You Delete It From The Phone, It May Still Exist In The Cloud

Many of the pictures were deleted from phones but they still existed in the iCloud accounts of the celebrities. Your mobile operator will never tell you this so you have to be aware of the fact. In the event that you want to take pictures of film clips that nobody should put their hands on, make sure you cut your connection to the internet. Also, if you have apps that connect to cloud accounts, disable them. Then, simply take them and save them on your computer, which should have more protection. Delete from the phone to be saved.

If Something Bad Happens, The Truth Is Always Best

While some of the celebrities instantly said that the photos are fake, Jennifer Lawrence and others admitted that the images are not false. She went on to say that she will sue everyone that distributes the pictures. Nobody says anything bad about her now because she admitted this. However, with others, criticism appears since people saw the pictures and know that they are not fake. Always opt for the truth when faced with problems since that would bring in an easier solution.

The Latest Web Technology Is Not Always The Best.

People are always looking at the latest web technology since that is a trend. You should not be so fast to embrace trends. In many cases the latest technology still has bugs. This has been proven through cloud technology in various situations. Since even Apple can be hacked, it is obvious that other cloud solutions are easier to hack. With this in mind, always wait some time before you embrace new technology. That will protect you from many different problems, especially if you are a person of public interest.

Guest Author: Lolita Di


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