Published On: Wed, Aug 7th, 2019

What Are You Doing to Make Your Home Safer?

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Whether you live on your own or have family under your roof, keeping all in the home safe should be a top priority.

With that being the case, are you taking all the necessary steps to make your home safe?

From a home security system to using commonsense when away, do not make your home a sitting duck.

So, could your home be safer?

How Secure is Your Home?

In coming up with ways to make your home as safe as possible, remember the following moving forward:

  1. Home security system – If you have not invested in a home security system, any reason for this? The right system can make all the difference in the world in keeping criminals out of your home. So, whether you opt for Vivint security reviews or reviewing other top home systems, take the time to do so. In doing so; it can mean the difference between being safe and criminals making your life miserable. In reviewing home security systems, one of the best ways to begin is by going online. Get on the Internet and see which systems get top rankings from the experts. Once you have narrowed the systems down, go find which one is best suited to protect you and your home. Once you have such a system up and running, be sure to use it. It does not do you much good if it is sitting there inactive more times than not. 
  2. Using commonsense – Are you one to travel often? If so, you do not want to announce it to the world on social media. Unfortunately, too many homeowners and renters go on Facebook or other sites to say they are away. In doing this, it is like an open invitation for criminals to break into homes. Be smart and wait until you return home from your trip to post photos and comment that you were away. By waiting to do this, you lessen the odds someone is going to use your being away to have a free run of your home.
  3. Be friendly with neighbors – While you do not have to be best of friends to neighbors, being close to one or more is good. By having others available at times to watch your home while you are gone, you again lower the odds of a break in. If your area does not have a neighborhood watch program, might it be time to begin one? Such a program means neighbors are looking out for one another. In doing this, the chances of criminals gaining a foothold in the area go down. Alternatively, you can hire a professional house sitter if this is not possible.
  4. Keep outside of your home looking good – Finally, be smart when it comes to keeping the outside of your home in check. This means making sure any grass is mowed on a regular basis and shrubs are trimmed too. If you let them go, it may give the impression you are not around all that often. If you live in a winter climate where snow is an issue, make sure your driveway and walks get shoveled on time. Make it hard for potential criminals to case your home and get your pattern down.

In keeping your home as safe as can be, could you be doing a better job?

Author: Guy West

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