Published On: Tue, Jul 2nd, 2019

What Are Various Injuries Caused Due to Car Accidents?

According to statistics, car accidents are a major cause of injuries in the USA and such kind of accident may cause serious injury to almost any part of our body. 

If you have suffered very serious injuries due to an accident caused due to someone else’s fault, then it is important to consult certain knowledgeable personal injury lawyer for car accident.

Following are few most common injuries generally suffered by victims of such motor vehicle accidents.

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Traumatic brain injuries 

Due to this injury brain is damaged because of the blow or piercing injury to head. People either die or suffer long-term disabilities.

Spinal cord injury and paralysis

This kind of injury may cause long-term disability due to spinal cord injuries. Due to spinal cord damage may result in partial/total paralysis below injury level.

Back Injuries

Our body and spine cannot sustain heavy impact. Back injuries are common result of any car accidents which may show up long time after an accident. Pain and disability suffered from serious back injury is serious and long-lasting.

Internal injuries

If crash forces your body into any object, or flying debris hit your body, internal organs damage may occur. Any internal bleeding due to such type of injury needs emergency medical treatment.


If vehicle catches fire or if skin gets contacted with hot fluids, steam, surfaces or chemicals, then occupants may suffer burns. Too severe burns may need surgery or skin grafting.

Fractures or broken bones

Few common injuries due to car accidents are broken legs, arms, ribs, ankles and wrists. Severity may be simple breaks which need a cast to few serious breaks or even compound fractures which may need surgery to repair.

Neck injuries 

Neck pain after the injury to soft tissue of neck can cause whiplash. 

Limb loss 

Any arm, finger, leg, toe or any other appendage may get severed in crash or get damaged severely to need surgical amputation. Such injury may have permanent disabling effect on the victim.

Knee injuries

Knees may get injured in various car crashes that smashes into any vehicle. Wounds may range from simple bruises to fractures. 

Foot/ankle injuries

In car accidents toe, feet, or ankle strains, sprains or fractures are very common. Even feet and toes also can get severed in crash.

Shoulder injuries

This kind of shoulder injuries is due to force absorbed after bracing hands against dashboard or steering wheel in motor vehicle crash.

Wrist/hand injuries

Broken wrists are one of the very common injuries in the car accidents. Such injury may need surgery, based on severity of fracture.

Crush injuries

If any part of your body is caught between 2 objects being severely pushed together under high pressure may sustain crush injury. It can result into minor bruising or lacerations or even serious damage to organs, tissue, muscles and bones.

Soft tissue injuries

Strains, sprains, bruising, and many other damages to our muscles, tendons, and also ligaments are very natural in automobile accidents. Such type of injury is painful and also long-lasting.

Author: Aalia Ray

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