Published On: Wed, Jul 25th, 2018

What are the Traits of a Person which can Create an Outstanding Impression?

Who does not want to become the center of attraction? The first prerequisite creating a positive mindset among the people is having something unique and attractive. Some traits in a person have the power to impress anyone. You have the ability to turn yourself into an attractive person as well.

From expert sociologists and behavioral psychologists, these were acknowledged. You can also practice and become the center of your next meeting.

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The first thing that attracts everyone is a reflection of confidence. However, cultivating confidence is not an easy task. Some people are born with confidence and some have to create it through years of practice. Why don’t you start today?

The major source of confidence is knowledge. Try to read a plenty of books and gather information on the current ongoing phenomena. You can talk on anything and there will be a constant reflection on your face.

  • Read books on personalization
  • Meditate properly and concentrate on your strengths
  • Evaluate improvements every day


It may seem less important, but the external appearance is the most essential trait for a man. An abnormal outfit or inappropriate dressing sense can create a disturbance in a gathering. Start with some simple steps.

  1. Dress according to the Event: If you are going to attend a corporate event, t-shirts or jeans pant will not be a good dressing idea for sure. You must know the decorum to put on a dress accordingly.
  2. Punctuality: A person is often judged by the punctuality. A watch can be the most useful tool for this purpose. And, that watch has to be something of a better class. Watches like Hublot Big Bang are the most appropriate ones. Why so? Because Hublot has got almost all type of watches in their collection. Each of them has a special feature. If you want a watch within your budget and personalization, this brand can be a great choice.

Features of Hublot Big Bang Watches are helpful to make your presence more attractive and punctual.

  1. Greetings: When you appear in a gathering, greet the others with the most suitable phrase. For example, a formal greeting will not create a positive impression in a family program.
  2. Hygiene: Cleanliness is something that helps in winning the heart of people in a second. To ensure proper hygiene, trim your beard and mustache or simply shave before you go.

These four tips are the key to make your appearance appropriate.

Voice and Gesture

Talk appropriately. Your voice should not be very loud or very quiet. And, be careful about gestures. Any inappropriate gesture can turn yourself a laughing stock and that is not expected. There are courses and seminars you may want which are helpful for practicing public speaking.

Again, you may also consider mirror-practice as a part of empowering this trait. All it requires is standing in front of your mirror and pretend that you are speaking in a gathering. This helps a lot!

From the study of behavioral therapists, gesture plays an important role in creating a positive energy field in a gathering. But these gestures should be appropriate and positive. You may learn them from magazines.

  • Use a friendly voice tone
  • Practice to use suitable words
  • Don’t use bad names or unfriendly gestures
  • Take a glance at everyone even for a once while speaking


One of the most irritating parts of someone’s character is self-obsession. If you keep talking about only yourself, that can create a negative impression on the listeners. So, you need to concentrate on the other people.

For example, rather than talking about how you are decorating your leaving room, try to create a topic on how they are decorating their interior. You can also ask advice from the others. This will create a network and help you in making the very first positive influence among the others. Why?

According to some socializing theories, people love to participate in a discussion more than hearing as an audience.

Carefulness and Responsibility

A special trait, called carefulness is often absent in a person’s character. For instance, when you are going to eat with friends or colleagues in a restaurant, you must ask for everyone’s opinion. Especially, you have to care about the opinion of the ladies in the meeting.

Then again, you must have a responsible part in your character. It enhances your acceptability in a meeting. Rather than being a participator, create a silent influence to lead a team.

In the end, we can advise that you need years of practice and a positive intention to cultivate these traits. Better late than never and start from this very moment. Win hearts and become the center of attraction everywhere.

Author: Ahmad Al Arif

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