Published On: Sat, Mar 21st, 2020

What are the Essential Veteran Clothing Style

Veterans have fought for our country and provided protection for our country. When it comes to fashion there are some essential veteran clothing styles that are a must when it comes to expressing the inner warrior in them.

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Women have a whole new ball of wax with the expectations of the public for ways women express their feminine nature. The military uniform is not very flattering on most women. So when women get out of the military they hold a great deal of pride but now have the ability to show off a bit more figure. So here are some must-haves for veteran women to have in their closets. 

  • Attention to details

Women have a good sense of style with their ability to make a statement with the attention to details secured with accessories, color schemes, and fabrics. Using military colors like army green and Navy blues and greys combined with a variety of textures will convey their love for the armed forces. Graphic tees that express the alphabetic military system to spell out a word like MILF with Mike India Lima Foxtrot will bring a smile to those who get it and empower the woman wearing it. 

  • Camo hats

Women have the luxury of still looking amazing if they are rocking a hat. This look can go with another military-style and add in camo flair. Veteran women like to expose their tough side with this look and dress up or down a pair of jeans to go along with it. We’ve noticed this creative way of showing patriotism at outdoor concerts, pubs and out running errands. 

  • Work out Wear

This is where things get interesting! Have you ever watched a devoted gym or cross fit woman in the gym? Well, kick it up a notch with former veterans up the rope in the gym. They are sure to have a killer look with slogans on their clothes like beautiful badass, stronger, and beauty battle. This sort of energy that clothing can create in the mindset of situations you’re not quite sure you can master or conquer is unbelievable! One glance at that shirt and you’ll be killing your time on the next try. 


The thing with some veteran men, they are tough on the outside and full of pride on the inside. They like rugged powerful apparel to get them through the day without having to go home and change for their night out. 

  • Graphics Tees

This is the essential clothing go-to style that veterans like. They wore the uniform and made it through some tough obstacles, so they want to expose just how much their blood bleeds red, white, and blue. The options are vast with this category of clothing just for the mere creative nature with today’s devotion towards our veterans. From acid washed flags printed on them to creative sayings like Don’t tread on me, wingman, and aromatherapy ( picture of the smoke of a pistol). The possibilities are endless. 

  • Ball Hats and Beanie Hats

I don’t know about you, but most guys can pull off a ball cap or beanie hat just about anywhere. The more unique or traditional vibes a hat gives off focus on what the guy is into. Veterans are no exception and some like there has to be symbolic of experiences they have had or lean towards the colors they are familiar with. Just like the guys who love college football wear their favorite team colors, veterans are proud of the division of the military they served. This fraternity will have strangers striking up a conversation about a military hat, just due to the fact that they both served in the Army. 

Although every veteran’s personal style can vary from person to person, there is no denying the pride and freedom they feel when they see something that resembles their time in the military. We should all support their dedication to our freedoms and what they gave up and accomplished when we meet individuals that are current and veterans that served in the armed services. 

Author: Jacob Maslow

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