Published On: Mon, Aug 26th, 2019

What about a Spanish immersion program in Buenos Aires?

Buenos Aires is a very lively city with a lot to offer in terms of cultural activities and sumptuous landscapes. If you decide to learn Spanish in Buenos Aires, there is much to learn and enjoy in the capital of Argentina.

Buenos Aires is also home a variety of Spanish schools, offering a multitude of opportunities for those wishing to study abroad. If you are interested in acquiring a modern vision while exploring the atypical culture of Argentina, Buenos Aires is the place to be.

Each year, approximately 90.000 foreign students come to study in Argentina, it is more than all the other countries of Latin America except Uruguay.

photo/ Matias Cruz

Learn the Spanish language and culture

It is important to take into account that most schools and universities use Spanish as their main language of instruction. None of the big universities teach in English. The way of teaching in the country is just as different from the typical English system: classes vary from 20 to 60 students depending on the university. In addition, there is not much interaction with students. It is also common for students to come together to study in study rooms on campus and in libraries.

If you prefer customized Spanish classes for a period of time, your best choice are Spanish schools like Expanish. You will find professional experienced teachers that will provide you with tools for learning in an efficient way. 

What is the budget for living in Buenos Aires?

Buenos Aires is a cheaper city than most North American and European cities.

Food and transportation in Buenos Aires can be low compared to the United States, once you know the good plans to buy without being ripped off. You can live in Buenos Aires with around USD 1,000 a month. Newcomers can expect to budget 20% of their income for accommodation.

Accommodations in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires does not lack housing. Students will find all types of accommodation suitable for all budgets. But since the subway system is quite efficient, you can live near any metro station and not have to travel more than half an hour to get to your Spanish school or work.

Students should be aware that if they choose to rent in Argentina, they will pay much more than a local would, since prices for foreigners tend to be in dollars. Students will be required to provide a deposit a few months in advance and will also need a guarantor unless they rent for a period of less than 3 months, which results in higher rates than long-term rentals.

About the transport in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires has a very good public transport system. You’ll find subways, trains, buses, cheap taxis, compared to other big cities. 

To travel by bus, train or subway (metro) to Buenos Aires, you will need to get a SUBE transport pass and recharge it with a credit. SUBE travel cards are available at subway stations, eight Tourist Assistance Centers and many kioskos (shops selling confectionery and tobacco) throughout the city. 

To find your nearest point of sale, the SUBE website has a SUBE provider map. Your card will allow you to borrow pesos before having to reload. 

Work part time in Argentina

You are not allowed to work officially if you hold a student or a tourist visa, but you can change your immigration status at the “Dirección Nacional de Migraciones (DNM)” by applying for residency, which will give you the right to work in Argentina.

Internship and Work in Buenos Aires

Students can do an internship in Buenos Aires, as you do in any country, once you are validated by the company or institution, you apply for a work visa.

What to do while not studying Spanish?

Buenos Aires is a very lively city with a lot of nightlife. There are a multitude of festivals organized by the city that are generally free, but there are also many theaters and cinemas open all year round. 

There are a lot of traditional bands coming to town, while doing the Lollapalooza Festival every year, as well as many sporting events like the Dakar Rally and the Open Polo tournament.

Author: Martin Mino

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