Published On: Wed, Jul 3rd, 2019

Western and Eastern Woman

Who do men prefer to marry? Freedom-loving Western ladies or modest Eastern women brought up in the spirit of humbleness and respect for their spouse whatever he is? Who men prefer building relationships with self-sufficient, intellectual careerists or compliant, cute women protecting the family hearth?

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Ladies Men Usually Marry

What ladies do men like? Who are they looking for on Muslim dating and singles? Obviously, they look for a woman who brings her beloved joy of life, inspiration, and love which is impossible without intimate relationships. How do Western and Eastern ladies behave in this sensual sphere?

  • Western ladies won’t reciprocate her husband’s sexual inquiries if she is not in the mood;
  • Eastern woman is more compliant and always makes concessions to her husband regardless of her mood or state of health.

Eastern girls are taught from childhood a woman should treat her husband with understanding and respect in any relationship and always satisfy all his desires. Only an understanding wife can build harmonious sensual relationships and preserve the family.

The following difference between these women is in diverse attitudes towards family life:

  • Western women tend to achieve heights in their professional activities, but their family often fades into the background (since there is not enough time for it);
  • An Eastern or oriental spouse has special family values, she is mainly concerned for her husband’s welfare, and if suddenly the work interferes with her beloved one interests, then she quits it in order to save a marriage and make her family happy.

It’s important for Eastern/Asian women to support the realization of their spouse ideas and not to fulfill their own desires. Western women think another way. A compliant Eastern lady won’t leave her house without asking for her husband’s permission, at the time when an independent Western woman will do whenever she wants to. A modest Eastern woman will never wear too provocative clothes in public since she only belongs to one man – her husband. Western ladies are trying to attract all men, so they often wear something that will definitely be catching men’s eye. If Western women can go both their own way and live with their husband, Eastern women only follow their spouse path inspiring him to accomplish his goals.

It’s also worth mentioning what advantages make a Muslim woman so attractive and appealing in the eyes of a man. Contrary to the existing stereotypes, Islam has never infringed upon woman dignity; on the contrary, it has elevated her respecting her personality and the right for development. National customs, the mentality of Asian peoples and relics of the past which have nothing in common with religion make women look pathetic in the eyes of the non-Muslims. Therefore, a Muslim woman can be a progressive personality, freedom-loving and at the same time reasonably modest. She can be intelligent and educated, self-sufficient, but at the same time, compliant with her husband, a woman who cares for a family hearth raising children and honoring her husband giving him credit as head of the family.

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