Published On: Sat, Mar 3rd, 2012

Westboro Baptist Church to protest Tornado victims funerals & Ohio shooting victim

The Westboro Baptist Church has announced that it plans to protest the funerals of victims of the tornado that rampaged through the Midwest earlier this week.

“They died for the sins of Illinois, and WBC will picket their funerals!,” the Topeka, Kans., group declared on its blog.

Margie Phelps, daughter of Westboro Baptist pastor Fred Phelps, tweeted earlier in the week, “Praise God! Faux-Christians of ‘Bible belt’ lie on God daily & earn His wrath,” in reference to a report that 12 people had died Wednesday in Illinois due to the tornado.

Meanwhile in Ohio:

Hundreds of Chardon area residents can be seen gathering in the town square, adorned in school colors to form a human wall to shield Parmertor’s mourners in case Westboro Baptist Church members arrive on NewsNet5 live coverage of the funeral for the first victim of the school shooting.

Most recently, the church declared its plan to protest Whitney Houston’s funeral. Westboro claimed that it had done so, and even provided a photograph of members present and protesting in full force. Margie Phelps provided a link to the photo on her Twitter account and wrote: “All in NJ & all who came to lie about Whitney’s Godless life saw these [protesters]. She’s in hell!”

Little boy, Noah, protesting with Westboro Baptist Church in Texas photo Westboro website

Westboro Baptist Church protest in Illinois

Westboro Baptist Church member Benjamin Phelps. From www.godhatesfags.com. Photo public domain per church website

Jael Phelps Westboro Baptist Church protest

Jael Phelps picketing Trinity Episcopal Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma October 2005 Source/WBC All original material on this web site is © 1955-2006 Westboro Baptist Church. You may use any of our material free of charge for any reason.”

Members of Westboro Baptist Church demonstrate at the Virginia Holocaust Museum on March 2, 2010. Photo/JC Wilmore via wikimedia commons

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