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Welcome to the Political Battefield for Freedom – The Debut of Snitker’s Take

Every person who becomes an activist has a journey to get to that place where they are moved to action. We have each had some motivation or were inspired by something or someone. These steps are different for each individual, but they all bring us to the same place, albeit at different times.

It can start with anger over some action of the government or fear or even sadness. As you move into activism you come to realizations and start to see things differently. This journey doesn’t stop when you take that first step to get active, it continues as your views and tactics change. There is almost a trial and error of seeing what works, but there is also the epiphanies that come as you see things from a spot closer up.

Florida Libertarian Luncheon in Orlando, 2009

Florida Libertarian Luncheon in Orlando, 2009

My journey started in 2008.

I knew then that there was no solution that included the people in office. They all had to go and they needed to go now.

I didn’t know these politicians. I rarely had any contact with them, but I knew from the start there was no way to work with them. Even in 2008, I could see the politicians setting up a system that would devour the Constitutional rights of the citizens.

Yes, I saw it coming and I decided to do something about it.

In 2010 I ran for United States Senate to represent the State of Florida. I started alone and wrote my platform sitting at my kitchen table. Over time my campaign grew into a team of 300 people. We worked hard and on a shoestring budget. What started out as a crazy idea of one man in his garage turned into a force to be reckoned with in the state of Florida and it had little to do with me.

I was just the spokesperson for what the people were feeling. It took every one of the 300 people to accomplish what we did and those accomplishments didn’t come by way of the ballot box. Our success came later and far surpassed our vote totals in that election.

What that campaign created was a team of energetic and motivated activists who were inspired to bring about changes in this state. Even two years later, most of them are still active and they are still fighting the good fight. They all didn’t start out as activists but were inspired by the journey we all started together. I am proud to have been able to be a part of that and am honored to know each one of them.

The problems with the legislators in this state are still there.

They still all need to be replaced and they refuse to work for the people. We saw this just this past week the Florida State Legislature met to decide what should be done about the Affordable Health Care Act and the state exchanges that would have to be set up to comply.

KrisAnne Hall speaking at the North Metro Tea Party Patriots Meeting in October photo/ Facebook (cropped)

KrisAnne Hall speaking at the North Metro Tea Party Patriots Meeting in October photo/ Facebook (cropped)

Along with that, KrisAnne Hall, the Florida 10th Amendment Center, Americans for Prosperity and dozens of activists from around the state went to Tallahassee to tell these legislators that the people of Florida do not need and cannot afford a state exchange. They gave those guys hell and I thank them for it. They went there as individuals and have come under some scrutiny for their actions and from the same people who were thought to be on their side.

These detractors have called the efforts “uncivil” and have publicly made comments for everyone to “get along” with the officials in Tallahassee. Some have said that the attempt to persuade the legislators was inconsequential and a waste of time. That without the power to replace every one of the people in Tallahassee their was just no hope and no reason to speak out.

I personally supported and still support the actions of KrisAnne Hall and the rest of the citizens who stood up against the politicians in Tallahassee. I never thought they would be effective or stop the implementation of the exchanges. I knew that these legislators were always going to comply and there was nothing that any group of us could do to stop them. They did not persuade one single elected official as they spoke in Tallahassee, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t have successes.

Florida State Senator Don Gaetz, photo screenshot 2011 video

Florida Sate Senator Don Gaetz, photo screenshot 2011 video

What KrisAnne Hall and the others did accomplish was to show these politicians for who they are and especially Senate President Don Gaetz. Now the people of Florida can see for themselves what there elected officials think of them. In a letter to KrisAnne, Don Gaetz references and agrees with a quote from Andrew Jackson:

“Shoot the first nullifier who touches the Flag. And hang the rest.”

The Senate President, your elected public servant, feels he has the right to shoot or hang any opposition. Now with KrisAnne Hall’s actions, the people of Florida can see the insanity that is behind the people they have voted into office to represent them. She has made the legislators go on record against the people and this action has inspired thousands to take action. You see, she was never going to change the minds of the politicians but what she accomplished was changing the minds of the people they represent.

This rift between KrisAnne Hall and the people who have excoriated her for her actions is bigger than this one issue.

It is the problem that we have seen in the movement as a whole.

There are those who want to “just get along” because they are finally getting some attention from the people in power and there are those that refuse to lie down in the face of tyranny no matter who pat them on the head.

On-Air at 1787 Network

On-Air at 1787 Network

The movement is about freedom, not slightly better oppression.

There is a divide and this divide will never be put back together. It’s impossible.

The people who fight against the KrisAnne Hall’s of our state will lose their access to the “powerful elites” if the effort is successful. These are group leaders from around the state that use their groups to elevate themselves to get access to the legislators. They have made it clear that they prefer having this access and demand people be respectful to the same politicians who have said that “the Constitution is a racist,flawed and outdated document and needs to be abandoned and that the oath we take is not binding but simply a formality of ceremony” or that nullifiers should be shot or hanged.

These group leaders unilaterally decided to speak for everyone within their groups when they publicly came out against the efforts of the activists, who went as individuals, and took a stand against these politicians. These people have sold their principles for “30 pieces of silver” and that is a betrayal that can never be forgiven.

The sunshine patriots that were never really on our side to begin with. These are the “establishment bootlickers” that are more interested in feeling important than restoring your Constitutional rights.

The most ironic part in all of this, is that the politicians are laughing at these people behind closed doors and smiling to their face.

They need to be replaced. All of them.

The politicians as well as the leaders of the various group that have signed on with the corruption. It will take people like KrisAnne Hall, the 10th Amendment Center and every one of us to make that happen. It will take commitment and inspiration but together we will stand against the people like Don Gaetz.

I am not a person known for my tact or correctness. I am hard to deal with on my best day but I always speak truth to power. I’ve always stood against the political class. We all have our different strengths and tactics and they are all needed. I will stand with KrisAnne Hall because she too refuses to back down.

Which side will you be on?

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About the Author

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Alex Snitker 

As a United States Marine veteran, Alexander knows how to serve his country. That dedication to his country did not end when his service in the military ended, as he became the first Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate from the Great State of Florida. He learned many lessons in that time as a senate candidate and uses them daily to help other liberty candidates run for elected positions around the state.

Alex’s work in politics does not end with campaigns and he is a founding partner of the 1787 Network and co-host of the Liberty Underground radio show. He uses this platform to educate and empower individual to engage in the political process on the local level as well as bring his listeners the news and other important information that is missing in today’s media. He is deeply involved in the Libertarian Party of Florida and the Executive Director of the Save America Foundation.

Born in Iowa, Alex moved to Florida at a young age and grew up in New Port Richey. Today he still lives their with his wife Kelly and their son Michael. He is passionate about bringing liberty and constitutional principles back to the state that he has called home for so many years and where his family still remains. He is well known for his activism and lobbying efforts especially within the local area.

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About the Author

- Alexander Snitker is a United States Marine veteran and the first Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate from the State of Florida. Alexander Snitker is currently the President of the Liberty First Network and the Executive Director of the Republican Liberty Caucus.

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