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Weighing The Advantages and Disadvantages Of Travel Nursing

The insufficiency of registered nurses in health facilities has seen independent nursing staffing agencies rise to fill up the gaps by attracting travel nurses. A travel nurse is a registered nurse with clinical skills contracted on a short-term basis in different locations to meet those shortages. Whereas travel nurses address the nursing field’s demand and supply, let us find out the pros and cons of travel nursing.

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Advantages Of Travel Nursing

High Remuneration

Exciting packages are crucial to employee morale and motivation for work. Travel nursing is tailored to allow bountiful salaries and even negotiate for better rates and benefits surpassing the base rate. Traveling nurses earn more than permanently based nurses. Most of the facilities will allow them to work overtime increasing their pay immensely.

Travel nursing assignments have a guaranteed minimum of working hours, coupled with daily meals and expenditure allowances. Nurses get a chance to earn extra bonuses for every referral they make and enrolment in the retirement benefit plan. Nurses benefit from dental, medical, and life covers and are exempted from tax for their primary residence during assignments. However, renting out the primary residence lifts the tax break.

Job Security

The demand for nurses continues to outweigh its supply because of seasonal populations, maternity, and unexpected leave absence of permanent nurses. Because of working in different facilities, nurses are able to learn new techniques and add to their career portfolio. With enhanced professional growth, nurses become more adaptable and improve their employability.

Traveling nurses staffing agencies offer exclusive access to thousands of jobs nationally and internationally, thus giving you some sense of job security.

Explore New Places And Hobbies

Traveling nurses are able to visit many exciting and beautiful places, allowing them to learn about new cultures. Since the contract does not tie them to immediately commence their new jobs, nurses can develop new hobbies in their leisure time. Living in different places allows nurses to learn and develop new interests and passions.

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Find A Place To Settle

Traveling nurse assignments involve visiting many cities and places of your choosing. If you are still at the crossroads, not sure where you should settle down, then this job provides an opportunity for you to narrow down your ideal town or city. Through the visits, you can be able to conclude and settle in the city that serves your personal interest and ambitions best.

Stay Off Office Politics

Competing ideas, personal interests, and different personalities usually arise within any given working environment. Office politics cause unwarranted tension, conflicts, and a lack of focus in the work environment. Traveling nurse jobs allow you to avoid such because they run for thirteen weeks or so. You can thus be able to put your primary concentration on offering nursing services.

Career Growth and Personal Development

Nurses are also able to gain a broader perspective of their career due to interactions with different practitioners they meet along the way. Working in different environments allows nurses to learn how to use different equipment based on the availability in the varied facilities. Therefore nurses are able to gain practical skills that help them in their future jobs.

Different places are packed with varied life skills that enhance personal growth. Working in small facilities and remote areas would allow you to work in each position, thereby gaining a broad set of skills. While working in urban and well equipped medical facilities would allow a nurse to specialize in an area of choice. Due to the experience and knowledge gained, nurses can be able to advance to upper management and other numerous opportunities that may present themselves.

Free Housing And Relocation

While having a roof over your head would be a major concern while considering to be a traveling nurse, it does not need to stress you up. Most staffing agencies will ensure that they will provide a place for you to put up in your new area of assignment. Even better, they will assist you with relocation and reimburse you any relocation costs that you may have incurred.

Freedom Of Choice

A traveling nurse job gives you the liberty to choose when, where, and duration of an assignment. With that kind of flexibility, you can choose travel jobs available near me when applying for a position. You can be able to align your job with upcoming events such as birthday parties, graduations, and special events.

Your life never gets to a halt with a travel nursing job. You can tag along with your family and favorite pet on your assignment. If you need some time off, you can be able to take breaks and re energize before taking on a new assignment. At times, you may not want to disrupt your whole family and may need to be close to them. You will be able to arrange to get closer to them with the travel jobs available near me option.


A job as a travel nurse allows you to exercise your passion and employ your competence in offering solutions to those who need it most. Most of the areas that are listed will have people who desperately require your services. Offering help to the needy and deserving will not only impact their lives for the better but also provide a sense of satisfaction in what you do.

Disadvantages of Travel Nursing


Traveling nurses are the easiest and the fastest to terminate their services in a health facility during a restructure. That happens because they are considered to have little or no relationship with the hospital.


At times maintaining personal relationships may be hard due to the movement involved. Even though you can try to remedy the situation by signing up for a gym, video chats, meet with other nurses, or acquire a hobby, they cannot replace one on one touch with family members and friends.

Constant Frustrations

As a traveling nurse, you may experience difficult co-workers who may schedule you to work at undesirable times, such as during the holidays, weekends, and at night. Some may view you as someone without suitable specialized expertise making your job even tougher. You may experience communication, cultural, and language barriers, especially when international assignments are involved.


Most of the assignments are short-term, implying that you may have to stay in a small space. You may probably find it difficult to understand the navigation of every new place that you visit. Sometimes you may need to attend to patients in places with insecurities issues and without recreational events. It might be difficult to find nearby social amenities such as schools, playgrounds, or means of transportation.

Travel Logistics

Frequent travels may not be as they sound and can be mind-boggling or depressing at times. Having to cope with different weather patterns, packing, and arranging travels can be stressful.

The need to look for new insurance covers with every new assignment can be tiring. You will be required to have an active license for every state that you will go to. Altogether, to work as a specialist nurse, you have to provide other certifications besides the license.

In Conclusion

Travel jobs available for nurses are on the rise with the fluctuating supply of nurses and increased population. Despite the challenges faced, traveling nurse is a flexible career choice that allows you to help the sick and especially when they need those services the most. As a travel nurse, you will discover yourself more, explore, learn, share, and influence the world for the better.

Author: Brenda Vollman

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