Published On: Thu, Feb 10th, 2022

Weekend Projects That Will Add Instant Value to Your House

In this real estate market, anything you can do to make your house more attractive is going to add some serious value to the sale price. And with so many DIY projects taking just a weekend to complete, you’d be foolish not to invest in your house!

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3 Weekend Projects You Can Try

You don’t always need to hire a contractor or perform some massive renovation project to enhance the value of your home. Sometimes it’s the most straightforward DIY projects that have the biggest impact. (From a homeowner’s perspective, they also tend to be the most rewarding.) 

Here are a few projects that anyone with a few basic handyman skills and several hours of free time can do.

  • Build Built-Ins

One of the quickest ways to change the look and feel of a home office, living room, or even a bedroom is by building built-in floor-to-ceiling cabinets and shelves. And while this might sound like a super complicated process, it’s a lot simpler than most people realize (if you go about it in the right way).

The easiest way to do built-ins is by purchasing pre-built “upper” kitchen cabinets and installing them on the floor. Then you can use finished plywood panels to frame out the rest of the structure (including shelving). Once everything is installed, use a spray gun to paint. Add some hardware and you’re good to go. 

You obviously need some experience and a few tools in order to successfully complete a project of this magnitude, but it’s really not very difficult. Take your time, measure twice, and cut once. (It helps if you have another person with you to maneuver boards and keep everything in position while you attach the shelving.)

  • Add an Accent Wall

Want to add some visual interest to a room that has a little too much drywall? Consider turning one wall into an accent wall. This adds a little visual interest to the room and creates some separation between materials. There are a few ways to do this:

  • Paint. The easiest option is to just paint the wall a different color than the rest of the room. This is an especially good option when the room is painted white. Using a complementary color can break the space up some and give you a unique look.
  • Stone. If you want to make the boldest visual statement and add the most value, we recommend using a product like GenStone. This faux stone material is easy to install and looks (and feels) like real stone. It’s often used in living rooms as a fireplace surround material. 
  • Wood. You can design a very beautiful accent wall using wood. And depending on the type of wood, the orientation, and other factors, you can create almost any look you want. Some people go with long boards evenly spaced to create a “shiplap” look, while others piece together different types of wood and various size cuts for a more rustic aesthetic.

Regardless of what material you use, almost any homeowner can add an accent wall from start to finish in just a weekend. It’s simply a matter of having a plan and the right tools.

  • Install Some Smart Home Tech

Not handy with a hammer and nail, but know how to use the latest technology? Smart home tech is becoming one of the most highly sought after features in today’s home. Install the right kind in your house and you could instantly increase its value and appeal.

Some of the best upgrades include smart plugs, smart doorbells, security cameras, smart thermostats, smart lighting, and even smart plumbing gadgets like water leak detection systems. Almost all of these can be installed by simply plugging in and following simple manufacturer instructions. (The only one that may require some additional work is the water detection system, which is a project that’s usually better left for a plumber.)

Boost Your Home’s Value

If you could put a $10 bill into a machine and it would spit out a $20 bill, you’d sit there all day long putting money in – right? Well, that’s essentially what you’re able to do with DIY projects like these. You put money in and you almost always get more money out. So why not spend your weekends wisely by investing in DIY projects like built-ins, accent walls, and smart home tech? You’ll be glad you did!

Author: Anna Johansson

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