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Wedding Vows For Her

Give your wedding vows for her depth and more meaning by working with our vow templates. Browse this post, and make her feel all your love in your words!

Wedding vows stage for most people is the most important part of their wedding. This is because they marry the love of their lives at last and can’t wait to pour out all the love and promises. As a man who is getting married to his best friend, it is so important to come up with the best wedding vows for her

Whether you decide on traditional or romantic wedding vows for her, they are words she will cherish for always-so, get it right! In this post, there are examples of different styles of vows for her that you should see, for a stellar performance!

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Traditional Wedding Vows for Her

Many couples often want traditional wedding ceremonies which are often linked to religion and customs. This could be you, yet you want to tell her how much you love her without deviating so much from tradition. As such, below are some traditional wedding vows for her. Vows rich in tradition, but saturated in the love you feel!

  • As I take you as my wedded wife,

I give you my heart, I give you my love, I give you my body,

I give you my home and give you my soul.

We are one from today as we get married,

And I promise I’ll be with you forever.


  • As you become my wife today.

I want to assure you that you can always find strength,

Support, and friendship in me.

I’ll be your pillar and your pillow.

I’ll never let go of your hands forever.


  • I take you as my wife, the love of my life and my best friend.

I’ll be faithful, love you wholly, purely and truly in the good and bad.  

I’ll give you peace, joy, and fulfillment.

I’ll cry with you, laugh and see the world through your eyes.

You will be my most cherished forever.

This, I promise you.


Non-traditional Wedding Vows for Her

Get some of the best non-traditional wedding vows for her. Ones that will know will blow the wind off her sail. These vows are miles away from the norm. They have no traditional flavor, yet captures the essence of a hearty wedding vow…..which your beloved will treasure forever.

  • When I feel your skin,

When I see you smile,

When I look into your eyes,

I realize once again that you my wife, you

are my home and where I want to be always.


  • Like my wife, I promise to grow with you,

be your biggest fan, and your loudest cheerleader.

I will challenge you as you challenge me to be better.

Together we will be the best team.


  • From this moment on, our life together begins, my wife.

Knowing that you’re a part of it, all the way makes it worth living.

I’ll carry you in my heart and in my soul forever.


Romantic Wedding Vows for Her

Create romantic wedding vows for her will embodies all the love, promises, and devotion she deserves. Marriage is a romantic celebration of two people in love. Take that into your wedding vows and seal your wife, guests and the day with a truckload of emotions. Romance never gets worn out!

  • As the air cannot be quantified, so is my love for you.

As the flowers bloom in beauty, so is the awakening of my heart to your love.

My wife, as the stars are ageless, so will my love for you be.

Time, weather and seasons will strengthen it.

Nothing can break it. I promise.


  • Not just for this moment dearest wife,

but for always. My love for you will remain unshaken.


  • Your kisses will always be soothing to my body.

Your touch is a balm to my soul and your hugs give strength to my heart.

You remain treasured and a treasure, from this day till forever baby.


Funny Wedding Vows for Her

A wedding day is one of celebration, but rife with lots of tension, sober reflections, and emotions. In some cases, one of the couples is attacked by nerve and all. Why not add some humor to your occasion, by giving everyone some release through your funny wedding vows for her. If this is your choice, here are some funny wedding vows you can use.

  • Thinking about marriage, I felt like eloping for a minute.

But knowing that I’m stuck in it with you took all my fears away.

You’re the most beneficial risk I’ve taken, Dianne.


  • We don’t find our perfect soul mates every day.

I found you, the Ying to my Yang.

My ideal match. I’ll never let you go.

I’ll give you all of me.


  • I cherish you so much, baby.

So much that I’ll give you my shoes and walk on bare feet when your heels hurt,

Even if I told you not to wear the heels

Long Wedding Vows for Her

The more great words you say, the better she understands the depth of what and how you feel for her. You can’t really put everything you feel in words, by the way, so don’t shy away from long wedding vows for her. Check out some masterpieces you can use below!

  • God our father created you from my rib,

You are my delight and a part of me.

I’ll protect you as I’ll protect myself,

I’ll cherish you as I’ll cherish myself.

I’ll love you as I’ll love myself,

I’ll treat you as I’ll treat myself,

I’ll defend you even in the face of the world.

All of me is yours because you are me and I am you.

I’ll give you peace, I’ll give you joy, I’ll give you love.

This is promise now and till the end of our days.


  • Before you, I stand.

            A man without alternatives, reservations

or limitations to loving you.

I love you because you complete and compliment me.

I love you because you are beautiful and pure.

I love you for so many reasons I don’t know.

I want to grow with you, in strength, in love, in mind and accomplishment.

I want to be by your side when we are old and grey.

I promise to love you forever.


  • Marriage in itself is empty,

only the people in it fill it.

I pledge to you that I’ll fill it with all my love,

Devotion, tenderness,

Consideration, and goodwill.

I will give more than I will take,

not making you know any moment of pain.

I will give you all of me, for you are my priority.

And when we are old and grey, you’d still be the woman for me!


Short Wedding Vows for Her

Choosing to create short wedding vows for her is the best sometimes. This is especially in situations where the groom is not much of a speaker- or he is so overwhelmed with feeling and can’t accurately put them in words. Short wedding vows do the wonder! Keep it concise, yet relaying your message just right! Find some awesome short wedding vows below.

  • To you my wife,

I promise my unconditional devotion and love.

To cherish you above others and to see in you,

My haven of rest, always.


  • Sharing my life with you,

Is the best decision I made.

Making you my wife,

is the smartest decision I ever made.


  • Today I vow to you, that I’ll be the most devoted husband.

Never judging or putting you down.

But I will love you, flaws and warts.


There is no wedding without wedding vows because they are that important. Hence, every word you say to her should be inspiring and resonate with her and your guests. Whether you decide to say some funny or short wedding vows for her; the words and structure of your vows are what gives the effect. Get all the help you need to create a beautiful wedding vow for her by checking out this post.

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