Published On: Wed, Nov 22nd, 2017

Wedding Photography Trends

Professional wedding photography has the largest share of the professional photography industry, with brides and grooms still spending money on the purchase of photography packages. This is despite a downturn in the industry with the rise of amateur photography.

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Hobbyists have performed photography for family and friends’ weddings, and there have been some less than satisfactory results including stories of amateurs taking money, and the photographs being shameful and undignified. A bride and groom, when having their special day to be celebrated want the tones of the photography to be remembered in the most appropriate way.

Weddings, even very inexpensive ones are occasions where everyone gathers to celebrate the union of two families. With the approach now of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender marriage on the political agenda, growth in the wedding photography industry will see an increase in revenue.

Wedding photography in Sydney will be well placed to be ahead of this trend, with a large population of LGBT people, and hosting the annual gay Mardi Gras. Couples will be placing bookings, so wedding photographers should consider the requirements of these couples, such as the timing of both parties making preparations for the ceremony.

Other trends that are increasing across the wedding photography industry are including a lot more artistic and natural type photography. Grooms and brides are being pictured in natural environments prior to the actual wedding, with the fitting of the groom in his outfit, and the bride in her dress featured. Special lenses are being used to capture these moments.

There is a more candid type of photography on the wedding day, capturing the memorable and humorous moments in a photojournalism type of trend. This makes the overall tone of the photography package more relaxed and natural, and presents people as they truly are.

Often brides and grooms have been pictured in traditional poses and it has come across as artificial and stilted. Awkward memories of dated wedding dresses show trends that are now regarded as tacky and overdone.

The demand for more natural types of beautiful landscapes, and an emergence for storytelling through photography is changing the landscape of wedding photography.


Amateur photographers have not been trained in the art of photojournalism type photography where moments are magically captured. Specialist Sydney wedding photographers have lenses that allow for a greater type of artistic effect in wedding photos, ensuring that the day is given the beautiful regard that it needs.

Aerial drones are used by wedding photographers as part of some packages, and this allows for some incredible panoramic views, and showcases the effort that some couples go to in selecting a beautiful scene and decorative effect for their weddings.

Post production artistic effects are also quite a popular feature only offered by wedding photographers in Sydney, and these are trending in 2017 and into 2018. These artistic effects include different types of artistic washes, filters and lighting that can be added post filming.

For brides and grooms, or brides and brides, and grooms and grooms, having a professional wedding photographer who is up with trends and understands the unique needs of the bridal party on the day, they will be well served. A professional photographer, rather than an amateur is almost unseen, and simply catches beautiful moments, allowing the day to unfold as it should.

Storytelling photography is also a unique art form that a lot of professional wedding photographers are starting to venture into, placing a theme into the day, and creating story reels. Grooms and Brides are also encouraging guests to hashtag their wedding via social media, allowing for the distribution of candid moments to everyone at the wedding.

Some of the most beautiful moments in photography are captured candidly, and a professional photographer captures these candid moments like an amateur photographer does. The professional wedding photographer in Sydney will consult with the couple prior to the day, understand their personalities and design and plan for the shoot appropriately, assist in organising props, hair and makeup artists where necessary.

The couple, being familiar with the portfolio of the photographer and having a previous consultation, understanding the art, can expect good results on the day. When hiring a wedding photographer, look for the photographers who have had a longstanding history in the industry.

The wedding photography industry is currently unregulated, and a lot of people possessing a camera can set up a website and present as a professional photography service. Perhaps future trends will see an increase in industry regulation to ensure professionalism and the amateurs will be eradicated as the standards demanded by couples become more rigid.

Author: Colin Steinway

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