Published On: Tue, Jun 20th, 2023

Ways to Make your Internet More Eco-Friendly

Climate Change and Global Warming are very well-known menaces to society. If we were to change our practices more responsibly, we could actually play our part in mitigating the effects of both catastrophes. For the first step, you need an internet connection that is already popular so that you could bring your practices into effect. 

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An example of a popular internet service is Xfinity. You can contact Xfinity phone number of visit their site to check out some of their plans that are simply amazing. Once you upgrade to a more popular internet service, here are some ways you can adapt to make sure your internet practices are greener than they were:

Try Keeping your Devices for as long as you can

Even though this seems like a method that would make no sense but keeping your devices for as long as you can actually help reduce your Carbon Dioxide production. Each device produces and uses its own amount of data, which eventually contributes to something known as internet pollution. While you might think your usage of the internet would contribute the most to environmental issues, that is not true. 

On the contrary, most of the contribution to environmental problems comes from your usage of devices to access the internet, such as your laptop, PC, or even your mobile phone. Once we use a device and it becomes outdated, we tend to discard it, which eventually contributes to pollution and other environmental issues. It would make more sense to keep devices for as long as you can, with an average of 8 years or more on average. 

Opt for an Electricity Company that gives you Renewable Energy

In order to save the world from Climate Change, it is high time that we shifted to renewable sources of energy instead of staying on conventional ones, such as burning fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are known to be the biggest contributors to climate change and other environmental problems. In contrast to using electricity given to you by a company that burns fossil fuels, you should go for the ones that use renewable sources of energy instead. 

Renewable sources of energy include natural means such as sunlight used through solar panels and wind energy used through wind turbines. Once you use these methods to use the internet (since your internet is powered by electricity as well), you would be playing a part in using the internet more sustainably. 

Using Apps that can help you live more Sustainably

There are apps that can help you calculate the carbon footprint that can allow you to reduce it and live in a greener way. Some apps can even give you tips and teach you ways to live more eco-friendly. These apps promote practices that are great for the environment. Similarly, you could download gardening apps that promote plantation, since plants are a very well-known way to protect the Earth against harmful environmental issues. Once you learn how to save energy, you would see how essential it is to change your practices to greener ones, so that you could play your part in being a more responsible citizen. 

Keep Your Data Cleaned and Organized

Doing something as simple as organizing your data and cleaning it up may actually help a lot with the carbon footprint that you create through your use of devices and the internet. Most of this data includes emails that are sent back and forth, posts you make on your social media accounts and the photos and videos that you upload on Cloud storage such as Google Photos, Google Drive, Dropbox, and iCloud. 

You need to make sure that you delete unnecessary data from your devices that include old emails and even emails that end up in your spam or junk folders. This would help you reduce a lot of Carbon Dioxide production, even though it might seem as if emails don’t produce a lot of CO2, they actually do. Cleaning up these emails can effectively reduce Carbon Dioxide. 

Don’t End up Watching too many Videos

As fun as it is, watching too many videos actually has a bad impact on the environment since you are using a considerable amount of data as you are doing so. We usually tend to watch videos in high definition, which uses a lot more energy. If you really wish to reduce your negative impact on the environment, then you would really want to cut down on watching YouTube videos and maybe some movies and shows on Netflix. 

Wrapping Up

In the times that we live in, Climate Change and Global Warming are posing more threats than we think they might. They are causing polar ice caps to melt and a lot of other issues that may harm the Earth even further over the years. By changing our practices even by doing something as simple as using the internet more responsibly, we can prevent these environmental issues from happening so that we could play our part in saving the Earth from further harm. 

Author: Annalise Smith

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