Published On: Thu, May 17th, 2018

Ways to Attract a Girl

To attract a girl, you need to possess qualities that can be irresistible for her. You have to try and maintain traits of things women like in men. In some cases, buying simple things may impress one woman, but may fail to impress other.

Not every woman is always looking around for someone who is tall, dark or handsome. You may have to get familiar with things that can be done to attract any girl. Well in this article we shall discuss few such things that can help attract any girl.

Leadership Skills

This is the art of providing verbal directions and guidance to others. It has nothing to do with control. Women prefer being in the company of a person who has strong leadership skills. They would always like men to guide them with ways or goals in life.

  • Always ensure that your decision does not focus on your individual feelings. Take decision that is best option for both.
  • Focus on her needs and let it be at the forefront rather than focusing on yours.
  • Reflect characteristics that can make her feel more secure emotionally, physically and mentally. Ensure that you develop a strong bond of relationship with her.

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Active Communicating Skills

You need to keep in mind, that for women, communication is just about interaction of desire, needs and ideas. Try and be very simple and straight forward. You need to keep in mind that women are more talkative than men. You need to maintain and active communication with her like send her motivational good morning quotes every day.

  • Offer more chance for them to speak when in your company. The moment men try and over talk them, things start getting more competitive.
  • Speak substantively and valuable. This does not mean that you have to speak like a philosopher, but always make selection of wise words when in their company.

For men, it is important to let women know that you have already mastered the art of interaction. At times it is also advisable to speak very often about their goals in life, values, beliefs, expectations and ambitions.

Give them a First Chance

Women appreciate men who offer others with a first chance. This means that you may have to focus more on selfless goal. Learn to be a giver, especially when with women. This may help her understand how much you value her. You also need to keep in mind that she will also try and reciprocate your quality.

So, it is ideal for you to focus on few common giver traits like:-

  • You should try and develop your willingness to sacrifice for her. Develop your qualities of listening to her very often. Speak with respect to her and others when with her. It is also important for you to display quality of integrity and honesty.

Develop Mannerism Skills

For women, this is one of the most important traits they look around in most men. It is important for you to maintain your best temperament. So when with her, always ensure that you very often make use of golden words – “Please” and “Thank you” or share valuable life quotes as written by fogut.com.

Some good traits or examples of mannerism are:-

  • Don’t let her walk on the road side as most women just don’t feel secure that way.
  • When speaking to her or others, it is advisable to make use of polite words. The moment you are polite, women will always get attracted towards you.
  • Avoid common mistakes like – eating even before her plate arrives or over looking her face, admiring others in front of her etc.

Family Oriented Man

Most women around us are focused towards having a family and marriage. To attract attention of potential women you may have to act like being a family man. You have to prove that you can be a good father or a care taker of kids.

It is also ideal for you to let her be a part of the interaction between you and your family members. Always ensure that you are expressive to her and the relationship.

Vulnerable Skills

For most guys this may not be an easy task but never show her that you lack feelings. Try and make them feel that you are open to them. This will definitely make them feel more comfortable in your company. Try and develop trust with her and the relationship.

Educated Yet Informed

It is ideal for men to stay informed with things going on around you. Women like men who are a part of the society. You don’t have to behave like a philanthropist or political analyst. Always be prepared to learn about their culture and perspectives. Trying and being more compassionate with women is the key component that will help in developing trust in you.

When with women, try and add a lot of humor at times. You have to make her feel that you have the ability to balance laughter with serious matters of life.

The article written by a Relationship Expert Any Winget at Fogut.com. Article reference:



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