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Watch the Top 10 Television Series on Direct TV Channels

It seems like every year the television series just keep getting better and better! This year there are some old favorites rounding out the top 10, as well as some newcomers and relative newcomers that are a ‘must watch.’ You can find all these shows on Direct TV channels and if you are interested in learning more about exactly what packages are available, just go to Directtvinternetreviews.com to line up those you really want to have. Now, on with the shows.

The walking dead season 6 cast banner1. The Walking Dead – AMC

Although the top 10 shows on Direct TV channels bounce around from week to week in terms of rank, The Walking Dead always remains within the top few shows. It seems that America has gone zombie crazy and whether that is because of the show or the show is popular because of our fascination with zombies makes no difference. This show follows the exploits of former deputy Sheriff Rick Grimes who struggles to lead his band of survivors. A big hit season after season.

2. Breaking Bad – AMC

Ah, the good guy turned bad. As another offering on Direct TV channels, AMC must have something going on that other networks need to take note of. Follow former high school chemistry teacher Walter White in Breaking Bad as he takes his ‘craft’ to the streets. Finding out he is terminally ill, Walt sets out on a path to provide for his family after his demise. What does he do with all that college knowledge? That’s right – he cooks up a special recipe that sells for top price. Want the secret? You’ll have to watch to find out.

3. Better Call Saul – AMC

A spin-off of Breaking Bad, this show follows the extremely likable but sometimes highly hated Saul Goodman, the lawyer who saves Walt and friends time and time again. Sometimes Saul doesn’t exactly stick to the law he’s supposed to defend, but hey, if you’re in a bind, Better Call Saul. What does AMC have going on? With so many favs in the top 10, maybe they have a secret recipe of their own! No matter how they do it, this show can’t help but be a huge hit based on the popularity of its predecessor.

4. Lucifer – FOX

Ah, the devil you say! Finally the FOX network breaks into the Direct TV channels lineup of the top TV shows with Lucifer. Having grown a dislike for life in Hell, Lucifer decides it’s time to make a new start in (where else?) LA. Here he does what he likes best – women and of course wine – but all the while keeping up with his son. Rated highly on IMDb and TV.com, this is one new show with a hunk of a leading man that you won’t want to miss.

5. Game of Thrones

Enter HBO into the lineup of best shows on Direct TV channels with the award-winning Game of Thrones. Part fiction, part historical backdrop, the show is based on the best-selling novels by George R.R. Martin. Get a glimpse of life in the medieval times while following kings, queens, knights and yes, damsels in distress. Complete with court jesters and a charming royal dwarf, this series is a huge success, especially with Millennials.

Benedict Cumberbatch Martin Freeman Sherlock special photo6. Sherlock

After just a few episodes, the truly likeable Sherlock kind of grows on you. The one thing that might seem a bit too familiar is the female costar with a dominant male taking their thunder out from under them. It sort of reminds viewers of Castle and The Mentalist but hey, if PBS, BBC One and BBC HD want in on the male/female co-protagonists, well who’s to say they can’t do it? A great show with a rather comic twist. This is one you’ll surely grow fond of.

7. Modern Family

And then there’s the Modern Family coming to a neighborhood near you. Wow, one for the air broadcast networks! If you live in rural regions and can only access digital broadcast systems via satellite television, Direct TV channels is the way to go. Based on an odd assortment of characters and now in its 7th season, this show that follows the oftentimes hilarious escapades of a contemporary family is a big hit with all ages. It feels a bit too much like home so viewers are comfortable with the characters and plot.

8. Outlander

Here comes the Starz network into the lineup! Outlander is set against a backdrop of a WWII British army nurse who gets transplanted through time to 1743 where she is literally forced to survive by marrying a strapping and hunky Scotsman. But the plot twists because Claire just got married in her other universe and is now torn between two lovers, as the old song goes. Based on the series of novels by Diana Gabaldon, this is one offering on Direct TV channels that you won’t want to miss.

9. Sons of Anarchy

Back to the 21st Century, the FX network offers you a biker club that has women around the country swooning. With 7 seasons that ended in 2014, fans watch the series over and over and over again. Sons of Anarchy enacts the tension between law abiding and totally lawless bikers, all of which play their parts to perfection. From female viewers swooning over those hunky bikers to male wannabes, this is a show that captured the interest of the viewing public from the very first season. After all, how many television series have actually made it through seven complete seasons? This has to say something about its popularity.

10. Doctor Who

Thank you UK and BBC One for another hit series, Doctor Who. According to many critics out there, this is one series that has developed quite a cult following as did Star Trek back in the day and even to today it seems. How the imagination is kindled with time and space travel and this show has it all. With a machine that is bigger from the inside than from the outside, get to know the world of Doctor Who from the inside out.

So, there you have the top ten favorite shows on the Direct TV channels lineup. New and old, British or American, there is something for everyone if you find the right package deal. Add a bit of Internet and if you can’t find it on satellite TV, stream it online. These are the shows to watch so grab the popcorn and a cold beer, sit back and enjoy.

Guest Author: Lolita Di

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