Published On: Tue, Dec 13th, 2016

Washington Post’s Richard Cohen misses the ‘Real America’ again with a new elitist lecture

The back-and-forth in post-election America appears to be ongoing as the Donald Trump debate rages on. Answering a column by Bernard Gibson, the Washington Post’s Richard Cohen attempted to respond, but proved to be even more elitist and out of touch than expected.

Starting with a photo of all white supporters of Trump, his ‘Real America’ is its own bubble article doesn’t waste time to lecture Trump supporters, Gibson’s readers and others on how America works.

“I do not mean to pick on Gibson, a real person after all, but I am tired of being told by him and others that I am not quite a genuine American because I did not vote for Trump or because I live on one of the coasts. I want to point out to Gibson that there are more of us than there are of him.”

Out of the gate, Cohen’s feelings are hurt by the invisible force which has made him feel he’s “not quite a genuine American,” something which IS NOT BEING SAID or the message of the Trump victory.

photo/ donkeyhotey

photo/ donkeyhotey

Moreover, Cohen has to remind everyone that he’s in the majority, echoing the nonsensical “Hillary got more votes” rhetoric as though that’s even valid.

Cohen is distraught that “was repeatedly told that I live in something called a ‘bubble’ and, because of that, I know nothing about my fellow Americans” and repeats there are more Clinton voters….IN NEW YORK, CALIFORNIA and other liberal havens.

What follows is a lecture on the evil wealthy hired into Trump’s cabinet, a lecture how most Americans DO NOT farm and live in big cities, like Cohen and Hillary voters. Cohen can’t resist a silly jab at Rudy Giuliani as though he’s evil and comparable to the alt-right.

“But I will not concede that a greater wisdom exists in what is known as ‘flyover country.’ It has voted for a charlatan, a blinged ignoramus who has promised the past as the future. Trump, who lives in a gilded bubble of his own, cannot reverse automation, replace robots with people or blunt American businesses’ compulsive search for the cheapest workforce.”


No one could fabricate the vile and “impeccable condescension” he blame Trump voters have.

There is no grand wisdom coming from the Trump vote, but there is certainly a lack of wisdom of how to reflect on the media’s bias and the echo chamber of the left. The attitude and tone will NOT slow down Trump.

A Hitler style TIME Magazine cover, a bogus Jill Stein recount campaign, a full blown assault on the electoral college (echoed here) and the glorification of protests, animosity and hatred of the President-elect will only fuel more the anti-Democrat vote.

Those in “fly over country” can understand and recognize a backhanded insult alongside the obvious ones, so the Washington Post should rescind the payment for Cohen’s attack piece. Everyone sees through it, so stop publishing it.

Donald Trump red background donkeyhotey

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