Published On: Tue, Jul 16th, 2019

Washington Post: ‘Lion King’ pushes ‘white supremacist worldview’ and ‘fascist ideology’

A column in the Washington Post accuses Disney’s Lion King of a “white supremacist’s worldview” which “offers us fascist ideology writ large, and there is no obvious way out for the remake.”

From the post by Dan Hassler-Forest: “As a fable, The Lion King isn’t really about lions — or any other animal species. Instead, a variety of cute and cuddly creatures stand in for a deeply human way of organizing society. But mapping our own social hierarchies onto the pristine and “neutral” animal kingdom makes these power dynamics seem natural, common-sense and even desirable. And by using predator-prey relationships to allegorize human power structures, the film almost inevitably incorporates a worldview in which the rulers’ power derives from their biological superiority.”

After making a George Orwell reference, the author takes on Disney’s “historical obsession with patriarchal monarchies… With the lions standing in for the ruling class, and the ‘good’ herbivores embodying society’s decent, law-abiding citizens, the hyenas transparently represent the black, brown and disabled bodies that are forcefully excluded from this hierarchical society. Noticeably marked by their ethnically coded “street” accents, the hyenas blatantly symbolize racist and anti-Semitic stereotypes of ‘verminous” groups that form a threat to society.”

Later it’s stated that “But by using predator-prey relationships to allegorize human power, the film almost inevitably incorporates the white supremacist’s worldview, one in which some groups of people are inherently superior to others.”

Note the outgoing links to a 2o18 post about the racism and sexist in Lion King where the Elephant Graveyard is likened to a ghetto with the hyenas being the blacks, marginalized by the oppressive lions.

“The lions cite the excuse that the hyenas would overrun everything and eat all the herds, so the herds are really just choosing the lesser evil by accepting lion tyranny.”

Yes, the writer wrote that, NEVER getting that the moral of the story where ALL OF THAT comes true: the hyenas ravage the land during their reign, consume all of the resources under Scar’s tyrannical regime, proving Mufasa’s respect for other creatures is the better worldview.

The same writer notes that the “Feminine People Are Apparently Evil Nazis” in The Lion King?!?!

In this section, they state “In all honesty, Scar and Mufasa were really about the same. The films would have you think otherwise, but in reality? Both brothers hoarded resources for their own lions and sneered down their noses at the hyenas. That the Pridelands saw a drought was actually Mufasa’s spirit being a jerk and had nothing to do with Scar’s reign.” (NOTE my remarks above.)

That’s noteworthy because the author does NOT mean the female lions are Nazis, but that Scar is…ready? “Scar is so effeminate, you’d think you were looking at a shampoo commercial. And the entire movie wants you to connect his effeminate traits with his evil, as the song ‘Be Prepared’ is Scar at his most dainty.”

Yes, Scar is NOT the weak one, the physically and mentally twisted of the two brothers. No, he’s gay, according to this writer.

“As is typical with Disney, gay or effeminate men are presented as evil (and usually British), while the hero is always straight, masculine, and American.”

The attack on Lion King comes to an end with “the Evil Bisexual rightfully dead, Master Race Lion Simba takes back his rightful place as king and continues oppressing the hyenas and the herds of the Pridelands.”

I left that link as the gay community ALLEGEDLY sees the LGBT references in a series of Disney villains…read it for yourself and BE PREPARED for the insanity.


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