Published On: Thu, Nov 3rd, 2022

Warning Signs Revealing That Your Teenage Child Requires Therapy Immediately

While some kids just pass through the adolescence quite swiftly, for others, puberty detonates just like a time bomb! These days, there are many parents that are brokenhearted and agonize over their child’s behavior once they hit teenage.

While some play a blame game, some seek professional help. Unfortunately, blame is like a soothing balm having shorter shelf life. 

The relief it offers fades easily and discomfort returns again. Blaming your kid for their behaviour isn’t a solution.

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Well, any question which is related to a teenager is mostly quite complicated. Teens face daily struggles with grief, stress, sadness, bullying, shame, dating drama, identity issues, and so forth. It might be difficult to know when your child is working through all these issues in healthy way or when they require a therapy by an expert. So, when exactly is the best time to call? While they are your child and you know them in the best way and trust your instincts too, the following are the signs that it may be right time for you to seek professional advice.

Sudden change of friends

  • No friends?
  • Hanging with some new friends?
  • Are they preventing from showing up in all of the social functions quite recently?
  • Has your teen changed their friend group completely?
  • Are they angry on their friends?

School, home, and community struggles

  • Are they getting unexpected grades?
  • Has their performance in school drastically changed?
  • Are they miserable and moody at home?
  • Are they getting always in trouble in community or at school?
  • Are they under great stress than usual?
  • Has their behavior in school or home changed dramatically?
  • Are they completely avoiding community or school?

Excessive worry

  • Is worry affecting their mood or sleep?
  • Are they so worried about their grades and school that they shed tears for it?
  • Is worrying has stopped them from doing numerous things?

Changes in sleeping habits

  • Are they always sleeping rather than doing activity they were always fond of?
  • Do they just sleep in middle of day or always require a nap?
  • Do they always look tired?
  • Are they sleeping much more or much less?

Self destructive behavior

  • Drugs?
  • Excessive risk taking?
  • Drinking?
  • Cutting?

Chronic substance abuse

While experimenting with alcohol or drugs may be quite common especially in adolescence, regularly coming home high or drunk is a serious issue. Make sure to act immediately especially if your family already has history of the substance abuse. Teens that suffer from depression can develop substance abuse issues more likely.

Suicide attempts

It is of great shock that some parents don’t take their child’s suicide attempts seriously. They just believe that they can easily manage such situation themselves or just think that they are being dramatic. The rates of teen suicides are on rise, so all the threats and attempts like it demand immediate professional attention.

Self harm

If your teen cuts, hurts, or hits them, then it is actually sign of physic imbalance and unbearable emotional turmoil. Self harming behaviors may become habit that can escalate with passage of time.

Angry and irritable

  • Does the anger prevent them from proper functioning?
  • Is your teen quicker and more irritable to anger as compared to what they used to be before?
  • Is their anger have started to affect their lives dramatically?

If you are still confused, you can ask them upfront. Ask if it would be helpful to them to talk to an expert. You need to become best friend of your child at such time!

Author: Aalia Ray

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