Published On: Tue, Jan 17th, 2017

Warm and efficient: making your pool last as long as can be

In some states, it can be said that swimming pools are questionable features of a house. While the likes of California and other baking-hot areas may receive year-long sunshine, others aren’t quite as lucky. It’s in these cases, where the usable period of the pool potentially drops to just several months a year, where viability questions are asked.

While we’re not going to wave a magic wand and devise ways to make your region sunnier, there are methods to boost how much use you can get from your pool. Here, we’ll analyze the most common ones.

Invest in a solar pool heater

You only have to look at Horizon Solar Power Review ratings for these devices to see how popular they have become.

Pool heaters have always been in fashion and there’s absolutely no doubt that they can extend the amount of swimming time you get each and every year. The downside is simple though; traditional pool heaters use traditional energy and suffice to say, this costs a fortune to run.

Solar power heaters have eradicated this problem. Sure, you’ll need to install the equipment initially, but over time the payback period is immense. The nature of solar energy means that you don’t need to be subjected to baking hot and bright days all the time either – these devices can still work even if it’s not a completely bright day.

Use a pool cover

A somewhat simpler option comes in the form of a pool cover. One of the main reasons why pools lose so much heat is because of evaporation so by using a pool cover, you can prevent this from happening. In fact, some sources reckon that you can reduce your heating costs by up to 70% through use of a cover, which is pretty significant when you consider the low upfront cost.

As we’ve already mentioned solar through this article, we may as well touch on it again. You can use any material as a pool cover, although ones that are specific made for this purpose will naturally perform better. If you can also turn to a solar one, you will have the added benefit of not only keeping the heat in your pool, but attracting heat from the sun as well.

Limit your filtration time

You might need to adopt something of a trial-and-error approach with this next tip, but it could make all the difference. We’re all in the business of keeping our pool as clean as possible, but some people have their filtration time set excessively high and this wastes a lot of energy.

One study in Florida saw pool owners change their filtration time to just three hours each day. In turn, this resulted in a 60% saving on bills to run the pool. In essence, this means you can run your heater longer and get even more out of your pool.

Sure, a three hour period might not be sufficient for some pools, but if you can keep testing and find the lowest time which works for you it can make a monumental difference.

Author: Anwar Hossain

photo by photoSteve101 via Flickr

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