Published On: Thu, Feb 4th, 2021

Vortex’s Unique Wind Modeling Methodology That Is Saving A Lot

The thought of having green energy will never pass by without asking the breeze for solutions! However, it’s the unique combination of computer modeling to map wind speeds and patterns spearheaded by Vortex FDC that assure the windy world a continuous power supply. Furthermore, these technologies enable countries that can’t tap solar energy, especially during winter, to have reliable wind potential metrics.

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An overview on Vortex FDC

With over one and half decades of experience, Vortex’s seasoned engineers, experienced physicists, and dynamic computer experts are leading active research that provides accurate wind data. This company is independent of its research methodologies; hence there are no consultants directly tied to its operation! But, its technology on Weather Research and Forecasting models results from researchers’ collaborative ideas.

Vortex provides very many parameters that help Wind Energy companies to harvest the most from their investment. Companies pay per run, go for specific packages or subscribe to enjoy Vortex’s services. Among an array of parameters most Wind Energy Companies will pay a fortune for include;

Wind power forecasting 

Accurate and reliable wind data quantify wind energy’s potential benefits in terms of power output. Wind power forecasting estimates how much wind turbines will produce in the near future. They’re very many conventional as well as complex methods that involve artificial intelligence used to achieve almost 100% accuracy of wind power forecasts. Vortex uses some of the robust modeling methodologies to provide a broad spectrum of solutions to clients. Vortex’s clients aren’t limited to Energy Providers only; instead, they spread from IPPs to system operators.

Vortex provides technical details on wind power, speed, and direction that help its client plan for forthcoming weather changes. This information also includes power production ranges, other meteorological parameters, etc. But the good thing about Vortex’s wind power forecasting is that it visualizes variables and their probabilities!

Extreme wind speed events

Most Caribbean citizens understand what extreme wind speeds mean! Though it’s a common weather phenomenon to see rough wind battering these regions, on the flip side, there are many advantages energy providers may gain from extreme wind if they have the right information. Vortex uses WRF-LES technology to avail a modeled data on extreme wind speeds.

This technology aims to generate accurate datasets that help engineers to calculate turbine speeds. This is a vital resource, especially when you want to maximize power output from your wind farm.

Wind resource grid files

A complete computer modeling should provide comprehensive information. Vortex is living to defend this since it provides long term statistics on mean wind speed, turbulence intensity, etc. You name any wind parameter you need to know, and you will find it here.

Information is power. Having modeled information on wind parameters plays a significant role in catapulting scientific research on another level. Vortex FDC provides reliable forecasting on wind power, extreme wind speeds, etc. In case you haven’t opened their archive- wind resource grid files, your wind farm isn’t fed with the required information to operate optimally!

Author: Lee Sadawski

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