Published On: Sat, Jul 7th, 2012

VIDEO: John Bolton’s convoluted reasoning for going to war

In an excellent, no-holds-barred  interview from early May with former UN Ambassador John Bolton, Jan Helfeld, of The Bottom Line with Jan Helfeld,  exposes the unprincipled, all over the map reasoning that the neoconservative Bolton uses in justifying the use of force and going to war.

Public domain photo/US Department of State

Bolton starts out claiming that the best way is for nations to try to work out their issues, not using war as an immediate option. No problem there, it just sounds so contrived coming out of Bolton’s mouth. It’s like when I heard Bolton quote John Quincy Adams from his famous speech he did in 1821 when he was Secretary of State, “But she goes not abroad, in search of monsters to destroy”. Sorry, don’t buy it Ambassador. You won’t buy it either after listening to this interview.

Early in the interview, Helfeld comes straight out and asks, What is the principle that you use to determine when we should go to war and when we should not?

Bolton begins by answering the question in what many would consider the appropriate, Constitutional answer, “In the case of outright aggression, an attack on the United States..” No  argument from anyone with that answer.

However, Bolton being the great “foreign policy expert” that he is, starts using his dangerous, convoluted logic.

“There are times when threats emerge (to the US?) are so dangerous: nuclear, chemical and biological, its a legitimate act of self-defense to use force before were attacked”.

Bolton goes on the explain the “importance” of invading Iraq and getting rid of Saddam Hussein partly because of fears he might renew his use of weapons of mass destruction (WMD); however, Helfeld gets to the matter with the next question keeping in mind North Korea and their history:

“If a country has WMDs and has abused its people and has attacked a neighbor, then we should go to war with that country?” Great question…check out Bolton’s answer…

Well, not necessarily. It’s a very complex equation.  Bolton goes on to use N. Korea as an example to answer the question (N. Korea of course meets all of Bolton’s previous prerequisites for the US to attack), but Bolton says “Its not an appropriate place at this point to use force”. But Iraq was? Hold on Ambassador, your reasoning is getting all tied up into knots.

Helfeld comes right back to ask Bolton that if Iraq did have nuclear weapons, then we should not have attacked them. Trust me, it gets better.

He says to Amb. Bolton, and I paraphrase,  that maybe these other countries want nuclear weapons so the US won’t mess with them like we don’t mess with N. Korea.

Bolton disagrees, and says the motivation for countries like Iran is their hegemonic aspirations and of course, Israel. He goes on to say essentially that Iran gets a nuclear weapon, other countries in the region have an incentive to do the same.

Helfeld turns the screws on Bolton to pinpoint exactly the principle for going to war. Bolton, more than most other Americans, wants to attack Iran. But why Iran and not N. Korea? What is your principle, Ambassador?

Naturally, Bolton can’t answer the question or won’t tell HIS true reasoning.

If you were to run for President, Mr. Bolton, how do you make such critically expensive, moral and dangerous decisions?

Bolton zig-zags all over the place. We should have gone to war with Afghanistan partially because they harbored terrorists, but not Pakistan, who also harbors terrorists.

This is certainly why the United States should turn to the Constitution when deciding on such grave matters, instead of using the logic of people like Mr. Bolton and his ilk.

This is a fantastic, must see  interview.

Video used by permission from Jan Helfeld.


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