Published On: Sat, Jul 28th, 2018

Vertcoin: Everything You Needed to Know about the People’s Cryptocurrency

Planning to invest in cryptocurrencies? There are many popular conversions and exchanges happening all over; such as ETH to BTC or XRP to BTC. Here, in this article, we will talk about Vertcoin, also known as the people’s coin. It combines the features of Litecoin and Bitcoin and is slowly becoming a very popular choice among the investors.

Vertcoin: The People’s Coin

Vertcoin is considered to be the people’s coin as it is based on an ecosystem that is completely decentralised. It aims to be mined profitably by anyone.

It was launched in the 2014 and is among the rare few cryptocurrencies that are performing well, considering the last six months. Vertcoin was created with the aim of being mined by the masses easily.

Vertcoin is ASIC-resistant and this is what makes it possible for the masses to mine this currency, easily.

ASIC or Applied Specific Integrated Circuit devices are used in the mining of several cryptocurrencies. They are fast and efficient. However, they consume a lot of electricity and take a lot of time as well. This means that miners need to have a decent budget to invest in currencies that make use of ASIC tools.

Vertcoin is ASIC-resistant meaning, anyone and anybody can mine this currency.

There are many other reasons why Vertcoin is considered to be the people’s coin:

  • Vertcoin is completely decentralised and no governing body controls it. It is a peer-to-peer system and doesn’t involve any third party.
  • It makes use of the SegWit technology that makes a single cryptocurrency transaction cost lesser and faster. Slow transaction fees, network congestion, and high fees don’t affect Vertcoin.
  • This cryptocurrency has an active community of developers behind its back. The development team listens to the users of Vertcoin and also rolls out updates depending on their needs.

How to Trade Vertcoin?

Trading Vertcoin is easy and you can do so with the help of an exchange or a broker. You can trade Vertcoin for your national currency or other cryptocurrencies. You can also make use of the on-chain atomic swap if you are planning to trade Vertcoin for other cryptocurrencies.

Vertcoin Wallets

There are a number of ways to store Vertcoin. The Ledger Nano S is a hardware wallet, and it supports Vertcoin among many other cryptocurrencies like the Cardano coin.

Vertcoin and Electrum wallets are the software wallets where you can store Vertcoin.

Vertcoin Price and Future Prediction

The present Vertcoin price is $1.079 according to CoinSwitch, and you can expect this to change is less than 24-hours. The cryptocurrency is very volatile, and it has become difficult, even for the experts to make any kind of predictions.

The fact that Vertcoin is easily minable and also more scalable compared to other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, make this is a good investment option. Though this cryptocurrency is witnessing a fall in price, its price is likely to increase in the near future. The price of Vertcoin will be $25 by 2019, and if that happens, investors will make huge profits.

 Author: Lynn Joseph

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