Published On: Fri, May 4th, 2018

Vanderpump Rules Reunion Part 1 on Monday. Here’s Where We Are Right Now

Season 6 of Vanderpump Rules is coming to an end and if we thought this season would be less drama filled as the cast we know and love starts “adulting” well…… we’d all be wrong and it’s delightful.

The season starts out with cheating rumors galore. James Kennedy “may have” cheated on longtime beauty queen, Raquel with his best mate Logan, he didn’t, but it seemed plausible since they were always a bit cozy and Raquel always seems to be in the background of every event. Whatever was going on, we all have to feel for Raquel who seems like a sweet girl that has been thrust into crazy town against her will.

Schwartzy (Tom Schwartz) has definitely kissed a girl unbeknownst to his new wife but his claim of alcohol induced amnesia seems to get him out of it for the most part. Although the leash gets a little tighter for a while on the amount of drinks he’s allowed to partake in. Luckily, that leash seems to loosen throughout the season and Schwartzy is back into the fun loving albeit somewhat of a lost puppy dog that we all know and love.

The “Toms” will get the opportunity to open a bar, playfully named “Tom, Tom” with long time boss Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd. We get to watch the struggle of owning 5% of a bar and how patient Lisa can really be with these two as they party before meetings and want input in everything except the area Lisa wanted them involved in….making sexy drinks. They finally get it and we see the interesting and admittedly delicious sounding drinks for the bar-to-be.

Scheana has a new man, Rob Vallarte, and she doesn’t miss an opportunity to tell everyone how great he is and how much she loves him, including him. It makes for some awkward television and we have to wonder if Scheana is trying to hard for the cameras or just trying to hard. Everyone tells her to let the ink dry on her divorce before she falls so hard for someone else but that doesn’t seem to sink in and she counts down the minutes to the divorce being final and adding in that’s the minute she can marry Rob. I haven’t been in the dating world for several years but I don’t think that’s the way to win a man and telling by Rob’s face he doesn’t think so either.

Stassi has found a new career in event planning and her major client is Lisa Vanderpump. I never thought I’d see Stassi back working for Lisa but it works and this seems to be the industry that she thrives in. Her love life, however, is not thriving. We finally meet her on again, off again, on again, off again, on again boyfriend, Patrick. He’s everything we don’t want in a boyfriend and every girl immediately remembers the “Patrick” they stayed with way too long.

James Kennedy finally starts to act like a regular, young, adult and Lala goes from being the girl I love to hate to being the girl I love. She comes into the season all about empowerment and togetherness and I believe her. The once wedge the divides the group becomes the glue that keeps them together and I love it.

Lala I don’t know where you came from but please don’t ever leave us again.

Kristen stays the Kristen that we love to hate but Ariana gives us a glimpse of her vulnerable side and it’s great to finally see through the tough exterior as she explained her body image insecurities.

Of course the big cheating scandal that no one (cough, cough..everyone) saw coming was Jax Taylor who admits to cheating on the Kentucky farm girl that has stolen all of our hearts, Brittany. We quickly learn through the season that the girl he cheated with, Faith, is really not important to the story and either is anyone’s else’s lives as we focus the whole season on whether these two can stay together.

They fight, they make up, Brittany hates him but she loves him and we all realize that whatever charm Jax possesses should be marketed since we all hate him but still feel bad for him as he struggles through demons. It’s a rollercoaster and we all come along for the ride through the season but in the end Jax breaks up with Brittany…..yes you read that right……because he finally realizes that he isn’t good enough for her. Wait, what? It seems like a waste of a whole season or maybe the season was a bunch of filler with an ending we already knew was going to happen but I feel let down.

What we know now.

*The next items have come out on outside interviews and social media and will likely be the topics in the reunion. If you don’t want spoilers for the reunion please stop here*

As the season was playing out we learned that Scheana and Rob have broken up but remain close. Scheana was on an episode of “Watch What Happens Live” with Andy Cohen and Rob called in to explain that they the timing wasn’t right but never say never on them getting back together. The rumor is that Rob doesn’t like the limelight that is around Scheana because of the show and that was the reason for the break up.

Tom, Tom is still not open but the space had some set backs as they were building. It should be open very soon and is mostly ready to go.

Patrick and Stassi have also ended their turbulent 4 year relationship and I think this one is going to be the real end to that paring. Stassi has moved on with new instagram official boyfriend Beau and it seems to work for her. Go Stassi. You deserved better.

Jax and Brittany, while breaking up at the end of the season, have somehow found a way back to each other. They are completely back together and looking better than ever after focusing on fitness since the show last aired. Jax’s father passed away this past December which could have been the catalyst for them coming back together but it looks like they were already on their way back to each other before his father lost his battle with cancer.

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