Published On: Mon, Jul 28th, 2003

Vacation musings, watching ‘The Godfather’ ‘Hoosiers’ and a creepy Seth Green

Vacation – Part 1

Why is it that we set aside a vacation to accomplish certain tasks yet never have time to even begin our “vacation” list? Don’t deny it – yard work, home repairs, various errands, they are all there. Well, for me, this week is a vacation away from the day job that has yielded nothing tangible from that “important” list.

A trip to the beach, the pool and shopping has filled the fleeting hours. A small stack of comics, magazines, screenplays and mail sit undisturbed atop my desk. I have managed to delay trips to both the comic shop and the movie theater. What is wrong with me? Where are my priorities?

Radio-Days-seth-green-292061_720_576Let me start by accusing cable television for keeping me distracted.

Especially with the extra time on my hands, channel surfing becomes the perfect distraction from my “priorities.”

Sure I’ll confess the latest VH1 list sucks me in and I seem to find tons of useless information on A&E and the History channel. No, my problem is ALL of the movies – good, bad, it doesn’t matter.

So here are some observations so far…

– “The Godfather” is so awesome that I stop to watch even though I have the DVD and can quote most of the dialogue. “Hoosiers” also… It doesn’t matter where in the picture I jump in, I always stick around to watch. Viewings this week: approx. 2 ¼ (so far).

-Seth Green in “Radio Days” is possibly the creepiest childhood portrayal in film history. Forget Linda Blair, this wins – no contest. The youthful Seth is nothing more a “mini-Seth” with the exact same face on a tiny body. Verne Troyer is ticked off I tell you. –

“One Million Years B.C.” is nearly unwatchable. Thankfully the omission of dialogue allows the viewing audience to tolerate the cavemen grunts until the next “giant iguana” attack.

In fact, the killer turtle is much more comical. Did I mention Raquel Welch? Appreciate “The Planet of the Apes”, made only two years later – you would if you saw this crap. –

“Showtime” was much more tolerable than I expected. I know, I know, another crappy buddy movie – yeah, that is exactly what it is. Why did I watch it? Hell, I don’t know. Ever sit there, gasping in between the bad jokes and pathetic action sequences, yet you can’t seem to break away?

Bad movie – yes. The diarrhea of a movie that I expected – no. Weird huh?

You’d think by now that I’d given up and gotten back to work. I’ve read several crappy screenplays looking for something short to produce as “The Urn” continues to flounder. I’ve tapped away at the screenplay that I’m writing, only I get distracted by “Office Space.”

Oooh, didn’t EW mention that in the Cult issue? I still haven’t watch it all the way through. More next week, gotta go.


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