Published On: Mon, Dec 30th, 2019

Using Testclear To Stay Clear From Drug Tests

If there was one thing that is considered a really hot topic these days, it is usually connected with drugs. Almost every country around the world has some sort of problem with this epidemic. It doesn’t really matter how large or how disciplined the population seems to be, there is going to be a market for these substances. According to this article, many people look for them even though they know that there might be consequences according to the law. It doesn’t stop their addiction, sometimes the rarity of the substance also seems to be correlated with the need for it. This is why many governments try to ban or at least regulate it. 

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In the workplace, it is even stricter. Most of the organizations around the world do a drug test on their applicants before they are going to be hired. There are a lot of reasons for this. The most obvious reason is for government compliance as you don’t want your license to operate get questioned or revoked because of drug use. There is also the safety side of the reasoning for this. Most of these drugs tend to affect the physical performance of the person, whether positive or negatively. However, this sort of unpredictable effects can be a hindrance to the person’s work.

However, all of this is just for routine. After you pass, then you are going to work for the company. If you have been using before, then you would feel that you are already safe. You can continue doing your own thing while still performing at your job. The drug options for the working class is usually not very dangerous like marijuana. Too much of it can be debilitating, but it is very difficult to reach that stage. This is why there are some countries who have tried to legalize and control the production of this herb.

Casual Drug Use in the Working Environment

On the other hand, this might not be the case in where you are currently staying. Take for example, the US might have a friendlier approach towards marijuana as some states did legalize its use. Most of the United States still bans it though from many places like schools and workplaces. If you were caught using it at work or school, then it is so much more detrimental since it is inherently illegal. Not all people have the guts to do this though, so they would do it in the comforts of their own home.

There is another way for an employee or student to get caught using though. This is through the random drug testing. Every year, most organizations will set this up at a certain period so that they can monitor if they have an employee using the substance. The term “random” in this case really does mean that you will never know when it is going to happen. The HR or the head of the organization will just announce it right on the day of its implementation. You cannot even prepare for it and that is the essence of this testing. 

Now, you may have used some illicit substances some days prior and you are not sure if you are going to pass. What can you do?

Passing The Tests

First, you should have abstained from using anything while there is still no announcement for that year. It can be difficult for some since they use marijuana for relaxation, so this can be a really stressful situation. However, you do know the rules and regulations of the company or even the place that you are in. The law may be hard but it is the law, said the old adage. Additionally, being unaware of the said law does not mean that you can be freed from the consequences. It should have been information that you already know. 

However, we do understand that there are some extraordinary cases wherein that you did not mean to use the substance. It is just due to the situation you were in. Maybe you were at a party and you didn’t know that some of the food and beverages were laced with marijuana or something else. You may have been goaded by friends and family as well. Lo and behold, it is the drug testing week and now you are in a mess. 

You need to know first what kind of drug was in your system. If you were aware of everything before the effects kicked in, then you might have this information already. However, if you don’t have the knowledge, then it would be wise to investigate first. Marijuana usually stays in the bloodstream for at least three days. Other harder and more dangerous drugs stay for a lot longer than that. Some of them even leave traces for at least a year after the last use. This is why it is very important to have this kind of knowledge. 

Next, you also need to know what kind of test is going to be used. Urinalysis is the most common one since it is more affordable. The results can also be retrieved faster. On the other hand, there are more thorough tests like hair follicle and blood tests. Out of the three, the urine is easiest to pass since most of the drug’s residue will disappear from it after a few days. This, of course, depends on the drug. For the other two, you will need some specialized tools like Testclear to help you out. This is after you also know when the drug test will be. Here’s a Testclear review for you to get to know the product better.

After all of this, abstinence is the only key for you to really make sure that your passing rate for the drug test is 100%. Meanwhile, there are other solutions online that can help you pass these tests. Make sure though that you are getting it from a tried and tested brand or array of products. Some of the just advertise but they don’t really deliver the results you need. This is also the reason why it would be best for you to read reviews regarding the said products.

Author: Tayyab Ali

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