US Sustainable Development aka Agenda 21 to ‘Regionalism’ – The New Frontier of Evil in Florida

Article IV Section 4 of the United States Constitution: The United States shall guarantee to every State in the Union a republican form of Government. meaning States and the people have a vote in choosing representatives to carry their policies to the Federal government. Regionalism eliminates that choice.

In 1965 the National League of Cities (NLC) and the National Association of Counties (NACo) created the National Association of
Regional Council (ASRC) which proclaims to be the Voice of Regionalism in their documents.  J.l Walter Tejada is the elected directed, and his job is to bring regionalism to the United States.  All 11 regional councils in Florida belong to this organization.

photo/Jennifer Parr

photo/Jennifer Parr

It’s Communism! — Giving no voice of the people.

As one planner put it, Andrea Duany: “stop all these community meetings and put the plan in place, because FASCISM works.”
Fascism means that the govenment tells the people and all industry what to do, what to produce and what to charge eliminating free choice.

Environmental Groups play a major roll in the United Nations Sustainable Development aka Agenda21.

All groups are connected directly or indirectly and follow the rules of the United Nations putting nature above man.

Florida Forever (largest land acquisition organization in the country) owns 28% of Florida.  Think of that, its almost 1/3 of the state. What ever is in the hands of conservationalists is NOT taxable so the people must pay extra taxes for these programs.
Some of the groups connected to the United Nations are: The Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club, 1000 Friends of Florida, World Heritage, Audubon Society, “Fish and Wildlife, EPA, DEP, HUD, Fl. DOT, DOI and all the Water Management Districts.

Land acquisitions, permanent easements, Blueways, Greenways, are an every day occurrence in Florida.

Their programs include evasive environmental regulations which force a variety of controls on humans in the forms of wetlands, wildlands, rezoning, easements, endangered species.

No one objects to sensible environmental programs but overpowering programs designed to eliminate private property by groups   connected to and following the UN are unacceptable as well as unconstitutional.

Governor Rick Scott is CEO of the Acquisition and Restoration Council (ARC), and works with Florida Forever and others.  Governor Scott and his cabinet endorsed the Florida Wildlife Corridor, from the tip of Florida to the Georgia “State Line.  720,000 acres of land.  Lost land and lost revenue.

Please take note of the Florida Wildlife Corridor map.  This corridor is to run up the eastern coast of the United States to Maine.

Our Children are being taught to be controlled without question in schools across the nation now !  These programs have been in place for years under a variety of new names.  The current name is Common Core Standards. These programs follow cradle to grave implementation.   “They are being forced to accept Sustainable Development, Environment comes first (the Earth Charter out of the United Nations), social justice, distribution of wealth, man made global warming, global citizens replacing America are ALL LIES !

If we don’t stop this the children will all be slaves to the UN Elite of the “New World Order” replacing America with the UN, God with Government and Family with school.

This is the United Nations Sustainable Development, Agenda21.  Loss of God, Liberty, and Life!  WHAT’S LEFT?

America stand up research our representatives before you Vote.

The fight has just begun.

God Please Bless America.

A special thank you to Neil Rice and Roy Callahan for contributing to this article.


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About the Author

- Karen Schoen is a former teacher, now political activist speaking out on the facts about Common Core, Agenda 21 (agenda21today.com) and many other topics featured on Save America Foundation, Americaismyname.org and others.

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  1. Jose79845 says:

    Meanwhile the GOP led by Grassley keeps the corn ethanol lobby in business with a war on marijuana that make hemp ethanol illegal.

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  3. Carlton Ward says:

    Hi Karen,

    It was interesting to see the Florida Wildlife Corridor project mentioned in your recent article. I’d like to offer some additional background for you and your readers. The Florida Wildlife Corridor is a broad-based initiative to conserve green infrastructure needed to support the growing population of people in our state. There will be important benefits to native wildlife that will go extinct without corridors connecting their habitat, but above all the corridor initiative is needed to support Florida’s economic prosperity, clean air, drinking water, and food production. Half of the corridor is agricultural land and one of our primary goals is to see that willing landowners have financial options, such as conservation easements, that will allow them to continue their private stewardship, economic contributions and living heritage without needing to sell the land for housing development. I am an eighth generation Floridian from a ranching family and much of the Florida Wildlife Corridor’s public outreach was born from that perspective. There were only 2 million people in Florida when my dad was born in the 1940s. There are now 20 million. If we want Florida’s economic vitality and quality of life to survive, we must invest in the necessary green infrastructure, such as the Florida Wildlife Corridor, that will allow Florida to sustain the next generation. I encourage readers to visit FloridaWildlifeCorridor.org to learn more about this cause and to watch the PBS film that was made about our 2012 expedition when we paddled, hiked and biked 1000 miles through the corridor from the Everglades to Georgia. There are many interviews with ranchers and farmers, who in their own words share why keeping a green corridor is so important to their families and our country. I think you will enjoy hearing their perspectives about the multi-generational stewardship they are fighting to keep alive.

    Best regards,

    Carlton Ward Jr

  4. Mimi Steel says:

    We are fighting the same thing in California. In San Francisco Bay area it is called Plan Bay Area. For The Record by The Blaze, recently did a story on this. See a summary here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBcIp914fBE

    • M D Williams says:

      Rosa Koire is also on the forefront of exposing Agenda 21. She wrote Behind the Green Mask. Also check out the web site: Democrats Against Agenda 21. I’m from a northern state, but our county has a Vision 2035 plan, which used to be the Vision 2020 plan. Curious that so many counties across the USA have this same kind of thing going, using the same terminology.

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