Published On: Wed, Oct 23rd, 2013

Update on the shooting death of Andy Lopez Cruz

In a follow-up to the story of the tragic shooting and death of Andy Lopez Tueday, The Santa Rosa Police Department released the following moments ago:

On Tuesday, October 22, 2013, at approximately 3:14 p.m., two deputies from the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office were involved in a fatal incident in which the deputies encountered what appeared to be an armed male in the area of Moorland Avenue and West Robles Avenue in Santa Rosa, California. The male was subsequently shot by one of the deputies and succumbed to his wounds at the scene. Pursuant to the Sonoma County Law Enforcement Chiefs’ Association Employee Involved Fatal Incident Protocol, the Santa Rosa Police Department has assumed the primary investigative responsibilities into this event. The Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office and Petaluma Police Department are assisting in the investigation.

Image/Video Screen Shot

Image/Video Screen Shot

The investigation is on-going. After interviewing the involved deputies, the witnesses identified to this point, and examining the crime scene, the following information can be released.

The deputies were riding together in the same patrol car. They were driving a marked Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office patrol vehicle and they were dressed in their standard patrol uniforms. While driving in the area of Moorland Avenue and West Robles Avenue they observed a subject walking northbound on the west side of Moorland Avenue just north of the intersection with West Robles Avenue. The subject was wearing a blue “hoodie” style sweatshirt and shorts.

One of the deputies immediately recognized that the subject was carrying what appeared to be an “assault style rifle,” similar to an AK-47 rifle. The weapon was in the subject’s left hand and his hand was at his left side. The deputies immediately called for emergency assistance from other deputies in the area and they broadcast their location. The deputies continued northbound through the intersection and pulled into the southbound lane and stopped their vehicle. One of the witnesses described that he saw the patrol car’s overhead rotating lights come on and he heard a “chirp” of the vehicle’s siren.

Both deputies exited their vehicle, but maintained cover behind their open passenger door. One of the deputies shouted at the subject to, “put the gun down.” A witness in the area reported that he heard the deputy shout two times to “put the gun down.” Initially, the subject’s back was toward the deputies. When the deputy shouted at the subject, the subject began to turn toward the deputies. One of the deputies described that as the subject was turning toward him the barrel of the rifle was rising up and turning in his direction.

The deputy feared for his safety, the safety of his partner, and the safety of the community members in the area. He believed the subject was going to shoot at him or his partner. The deputy described that he is aware an “assault” weapon of this type is capable of firing a bullet that can penetrate his body armor, the metal exterior of his car, and the walls of the residential houses behind him. The deputy then fired several rounds from his service weapon at the subject, striking him at least one time. The subject immediately fell to the ground.

The deputies approached the subject, handcuffed him, and immediately began life-saving measures. They called for an emergency medical response and both Fire and EMS were on scene within minutes.

Andy Lopez Cruz, age 13, died at the scene. An autopsy is scheduled for Thursday, October 24, 2013.

Recovered at the scene were a replica AK-47 style rifle, and a replica of a handgun. The rifle was located on the ground next to the subject. The handgun was located concealed in the waistband of the subject. The rifle had a brown stock and fore grip, and a dark colored plastic body. It did not have the traditionally orange tip of a replica firearm. The handgun was clear plastic and did have an orange tip at the end of the barrel.

The Santa Rosa Police Department, in conjunction with the Sonoma County District Attorney’s Office and Petaluma Police Department continue to investigate this incident.

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  1. California Police shoot and kill 13 year old with toy gun | Police Corruption says:

    […] The latest news comes out http://www.theglobaldispatch.com/update-on-the-shooting-death-of-andy-lopez-cruz-16585/ […]

  2. Raymond says:

    First off, where are the parents in this? They’re the ones to blame. Secondly you have to he pretty dumb to be walking down the street with a replica ak-47. If you look at the pictures the difference is pretty insignificant. Not to mention guns can be modified… Like a sawed off shotgun. Unfortunate it happens but completely justifiable. Oh to those that say why not wound him and don’t kill or fire a warning shot. Well it can be considered police brutality because u had the time to pick your shot. Cops are trained for a center mass hit so to all you people bitching about cops it’s a thin line they have to walk the world isn’t perfect

    • Nicole Scarpa says:

      He wasn’t ‘dumb’ he was a kid…but I’m willing to bet you’re an asshole. His parents aren’t to blame. He was walking home from a friend’s (after playing, that’s what kids do) and he was borrowing his friends gun…he was taking it home. The cops are responsible, if they hadn’t been there in the name of ‘protection’ everyone would’ve been fine. Sad situation, I’m sure they were devastated, but they still fucked off the situation 🙁

      • D.E.Ri says:

        You are right he was a kid. To many killings going on here because of law enforcement doing the killing here in California.

    • Your Name... says:

      How the f*** is it the parents fault. Do you have any kids? If so, do you let them go around to the local park it play down the tweet with friends. You can’t keep your eye in kids 24/7. When you were a kid did you ever play outside without your parents. Please stop saying stupid s**t, it’s sickening.

      • Brandon Jones says:

        The child bears blame for not having the plastic tip on the gun and not dropping the gun when told to do so – two facts that are more relevant than his play time and freedom

  3. Andy Lopez Cruz shot seven times: Coroner - The Global Dispatch says:

    […] a follow-up to the tragic shooting and death of 13-year-old Andy Lopez Cruz Tuesday, the Sonoma County Coroner’s office released some preliminary finding from an autopsy […]

  4. 13 Year Old Shot While Carrying “Fake” Gun – UPDATED | The Bang Switch says:

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  5. Don says:

    A citizen doing the same as the cop would be booked on murder charges. Cops have a license to murder; a license they issued themselves after “We the People” gave up our rights “…to form a more perfect union”, which turned out to be a police, slave state. Time to revoke government.

  6. Ron says:

    What would anyone do who heard shouting from behind them?!?

    They TURN AROUND to see what the shouting is about. INCREDIBLY, their arms, which are connected to their body, also come around, as well as anything they happen to be carrying.

    If he was listening to music through headphones he probably would’ve been shot a whole lot more


    People holding a cellphone have been shot dead for turning around in response to a cop shouting at them. It doesn’t need to be a gun in your hand

    Amazingly, they will get in zero trouble and far too many people will think they acted accordingly

    • David says:

      Ron, So why does a 13 year old need to two guns that look real? I was there and the 13 year old was carrying around guns that look real, I shoot him to. It is easy to Monday morning Quarterback if you weren’t there. I bet if you had seen him you would have called the police, fuss up!

      • Don Duncan says:

        No quarterbacking is needed. The truth will be known after an investigation by the victim’s peers. Oh wait, that won’t happen. His peers live in a society where the killers get to judge themselves. And not report, just summarize, e.g., “the officer acted in accordance with policy”. I believe they have a rubber stamp for that. They have to keep reordering it, because it wears out with so much use.

        When did the second amendment get repealed for citizens but not authorities? When did rights get repealed except for authorities? Isn’t that slavery? How many innocent have to die before the government is repealed?

      • dan notaretardedcop says:

        PLEASE explain to me how a clear plastic toy handgun with an orange tip looks like a real gun?

  7. Charlie says:

    maybe what the sheriffs dept. needs to do is bring in some real guns and some toy guns and show his deputies the difference in the guns and should also tell them if a child considers it a toy be may not know they are talking to him .

  8. 13-year-old carrying fake rifle killed - The Vette Barn Forum - A Community for Corvette Lovers says:

    […] Update on the shooting death of Andy Lopez Cruz – The Global Dispatch Quote: […]

  9. Bill says:

    I never realized police officers were completely immune to murder charges. I might want to sign up.
    That being said, a few months back I happened to look out the front window of my home and saw two (obvious children) walking up the street in all black clothes with what looked like an AR and a submachine gun. You know what I did? Didn’t shoot them.

  10. 13 Year Old Boy Was 3rd Police Shooting Of The Day | Christopher Cantwell says:

    […] Apparently upset that someone had a bigger gun than them, the deputies called for backup, drove down the street a bit, and pulled up behind Andy. They got out of their car, hid behind the open door, and called for Andy to drop the weapon twice. As Andy turned around to see what was going on, one of the deputies opened fire on him, striking him multiple times. As Andy lie dead on the ground, the deputies yelled at him some more, telling him to get away from the gun. Eventually they approached him, and handcuffed his lifeless body, before they “immediately began life-saving measures”. […]

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