Published On: Wed, Oct 23rd, 2019

Up Your Eco-Credentials: 10 furniture items you should never throw away

Every year too much perfectly useable furniture is placed into landfill. In a society that is increasingly more environmentally conscious let’s look at the furniture items you shouldn’t throw away.

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Do you have furniture items that are no longer wanted because they do not fit with your new decor or that have been grown out of? There are plenty of things that we should be doing with these items before they reach the stage of being consigned to landfill. Even that piece of furniture you think is broken might be useful to someone. So take a look at this list and think seriously about your alternatives for those old, unwanted pieces of furniture – you could be helping the planet:

1.Sentimental furniture

Inherited items of furniture can have great sentimental value but do not always fit in with your décor or you can struggle to find a space for them. For such items, it’s worth considering putting them into cheap self-storage until you can find the perfect place to display them in your home. 

2.Toy Box 

Useful in any room in the house, when you have finished using your toy storage chest give it a bit of TLC (maybe a new coat of paint) and it will continue to serve you well as a very functional storage solution.

3.Statement furniture pieces

If you have a beautiful and expensive item of furniture that you love but isn’t suitable to a life with small children the question is what do you do with it? If you try to sell it you will probably not get much and once your children are a little older you may want to use it again. Consider putting it into your very own personal self-storage unit instead.


If you are replacing your sofa, maybe it isn’t as comfy anymore, doesn’t fit with your new colour scheme or is too big for a new home, consider donating it to a charity furniture shop or freecycling rather than just throwing it away


Whilst second-hand crib mattresses shouldn’t be used, due to the risk of SIDS, there is no problem with using a crib again. Having a baby is an expensive business, and cribs are used for such a short time that it is a lovely idea to pass them on.


If your new house has a fitted bedroom then you may have no use for your old bedroom furniture, but if it is in good condition there is bound to be someone else who will be able to use it, and this even saves the need for you to take it away to dispose of! Again consider freecycling websites or charities.


Everyone needs bookshelves, even the shabbiest ones can be instantly refreshed with a coat of paint but if you simply don’t have the room in a new home why not donate to a local school. 

8.Dining table

Whether your family has grown or shrunk, dining tables are always useful and always in demand, so if you are downsizing or need a bigger table someone is bound to be able to use your old one. Some charities will come and take away items for free if they can resell them to raise money. But remember interior fashions go in cycles: industrial style dining rooms are on-trend right now but that could quickly change back to your old-style dining table.

9.Nest of tables

One of the most functional pieces of furniture in your living room, this is one thing you should never get rid of. They are small enough to fit into the corner of almost any room and incredibly practical. The real problem is that they are no longer on trend but, as with other items of furniture, a coat of paint could turn them into shabby-chic or scandi-chic.

10. Your favourite chair

Moving in with a new partner can sometimes mean compromises, especially where furniture is concerned but don’t let you favourite comfy chair be cast aside, perhaps it will no longer be welcome in the living room but there is bound to be a space where it will fit right in. Maybe a bedroom or study – or if all else fails the garden shed!

With all these options, there’s no reason to throw any furniture away – it can be made use of somewhere – even if it’s not in your home.

Author: Julie Lord

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    Good information was shared, thanks for this.

  2. […] Most people redecorate the house before Christmas but it could make more sense to do this in the New Year. A full reconfiguration of the house decor can be best achieved when you have space to work in so why not consider cheap self storage to temporarily protect your large furniture items and any valuables or breakables. And when planning your new décor remember that to be eco-friendly some furniture items should never be thrown away. […]

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