Published On: Sun, Mar 31st, 2019

‘Unplanned’ Review: Abby Johnson’s break from Planned Parenthood is center in this emotional biopic

PureFlix teaming up with Abby Johnson in an R-rated telling of her book, Unplanned, seems unlikely, if not outright impossible. From the creators of the God’s Not Dead films is a film taking a bold stance against abortion and Planned Parenthood.

Ashley Bratcher stars as Abby as the film begins with the shocking scene which prompted her exit from America’s largest abortion provider to her time in college, engaging in a destructive relationship that led to her first abortion. That man became her first husband and as their doomed marriage heads towards divorce, Abby heads to Planned Parenthood for abortion number two.

Abby is not some random employee, she’s a recruiter, a leader, spokewoman, an employee of the year, running the most efficient clinic in the nation. Her boss, Cheryl, is a cold and unapologetic abortionist, telling Abby that “abortions pay for all of this” and serves as the film’s antagonist. Pro-lifers protest the abortion clinic peacefully from behind a metal fence (after the crazier protesters are dispatched after the earliest scenes) and serve to portray Christians as calm, peaceful and welcoming opponents, full of empathy and love.

While the film does suffer from some PureFlix “cliches” and caricatures, Unplanned serves chapter after chapter of Abby’s life with the same boldness she’s shared with the world.

The film landed a contraversial R-rating for “some disturbing/bloody images” which are the byproduct of the abortion process. No nudity and clearly in line with abortion practices. Let me point out the incredible film Taken, which centers on human trafficking, was PG-13 as was Drag Me To Hell, a horror which involves “a dead body vomits embalming liquid into the protagonist’s mouth, a scene where gallons of blood spray onto someone from a person’s mouth and nose, and a scene in which a corpse is dug up in all its disgusting glory.” (Source: Cheat Sheet)

Yeah, droplets of blood on the floor, in an OR and bloody clots in the bathtub were graphic enough for the MPAA to attempt to impair the film’s turnout.

Former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino plays the cold physician in the “graphic” scene in question, demonstrating the procedure which shocks Abby to her core.

Critics have made fools of themselves bashing an average film as though it was a one-star, unwatchable film while defending Planned Parenthood.

This is the Daily Beast: “This gory, R-rated anti-abortion film paints Planned Parenthood as a powerful, bloodthirsty terrorist organization. It’s even crazier than it sounds.”

Unplanned is NEVER gory and the film paints Planned Parenthood as a cold, financially motivated abortion factory, not interested in women’s health care otherwise.

The Beast went on: “According to their foul drama, Planned Parenthood is a ‘billion-dollar corporation’—supported by the likes of Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and (anti-Semitic dog-whistle alert!) George Soros—and ‘one of the most powerful organizations on the planet.’”

Really? anti-Semintism? (FACT CHECK: Soros money tied to Planned Parenthood)

So, here’s the thing: Johnson’s story is Johnson’s story. If you don’t believe her, that’s fine, but she’s NEVER wavered, repeating the exact story over again for years….in excruciating detail.

Unplanned is NOT as graphic as most abortions, never dives into late-term abortions as the Gosnell film or book did.

Like the mass media, the critics act like these allegations are the first we’ve ever heard of inhumane behavior or practices at Planned Parenthood. Center for Medical Progress released undercover videos which revealed A LOT WORST things than those depicted in Unplanned.

I let the other critics nitpick performances or the film’s subpar moments due to PureFlix’s budget and approach. Reality is Abby Johnson should be pleased as her story has been told in a true and powerful way. Planned Parenthood’s nonprofit namesake should be under attack and standing up for unborn babies shouldn’t be such a political issue and if Unplanned helps make that clear, then it surpassed expectations.

Unplanned earned 3 1/2 stars out of 5 stars

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