Published On: Mon, Oct 20th, 2014

Understanding the events before Genesis in the Bible


Satan (Lucifer) instigated the “Great Extinction” upon his fall from heaven, and destroyed eras of life on Earth four more times. The Fourth Day was of creation week, which was the only day of that week which Moses was shown.

The first Restoration Week was presented by the fifth day, in 244 Million BC, when God created the sea monsters (giant reptiles of the sea) and the first birds. The sixth day was of Restoration Week two, when God created giant mammals and the first horse (herbivores) in 64 Million BC, along with the third era of mankind. It was this era that God first made mankind “in His image”.

Jesus photo The Bible History ChannelSo when reading chapter one of Genesis, it does not make sense unless you first know that you are looking at seven weeks (from seven different eras), and not just one week, given in moadim order, which is the fourth day, the fifth day, the sixth day, the seventh day, then the first day, the second day and then the third day.

These represent seven eras of mankind, given in the Spring and Fall feast sequence. The third day has not come yet, and is the final (forever lasting) era of mankind, when Yeshua will reign over the Earth in place of Lucifer.

When Lucifer beguiled Eve, and Eve then persuaded Adam to eat of the forbidden fruit, Yehovah had given Lucifer enough rope to hang himself, opening the door for the rescinding of Lucifer’s assignment as ruler of this universe. But it took five eras of mankind to do it. Be advised that in no way, shape, or form, does Genesis imply a “young Earth”. That is only the foolishness of the faction of Creation Science. All “old Earth” creationism deny literal interpretation.

Yeshua (Jesus) was both of the lineage of King David (Judah), and Moses (Levi), by means of His virgin birth.

The mother of (virgin) Mary, and the maternal grandmother of John the Baptist were sisters, and of the linage of Moses and Aaron. Mary’s father (Joseph) was of the kingly line of David. The tribe of Judah, the fourth son of Israel, represented the humanity and royalty of the Messiah. The four Spring feasts were fulfilled by Jesus with His first advent (as the Messiah).

Levi, the third son, represented the Divinity and Priesthood of the Messiah. The first of the three Fall feasts shall be fulfilled upon His upcoming second (Day of Trumpets) return. His third coming (Yom Kippur) will be 1,000 years later, and His fourth coming (Feast of Tabernacles) will be His final return and He will reign forever, after the White Throne Judgment.

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- Herman Cummings is a computer data analyst, who used his training to analyze the written text of Genesis. On EasterSunday, in 1990, a lady stood up in Sunday School and asked the pastor “How can I teach my children about Adam & Eve, when all they are taught is evolution in school?”. The pastor could only say “Just believe the Bible”. That was of no help to the lady. So Herman Cummings began his research to resolve the issue, since the worlds of Creationism and Theology could not literally reconcile Genesis with scientific reality. After receiving the revelation of the first chapter from the Lord in December 1993, Herman Cummings became the world’s leading expert on the book of Genesis (Bereshit).

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