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Understanding the Creator’s calendar, how it points to Jesus Christ

The Jewish day begins in the evening because the first day of the new month begins with the sighting of the renewed Moon (first sliver) at sundown. The first month of the new year begins with the sliver of the renewed Moon, and the barley crop being ripe enough (called “aviv”). If the barley is not yet ripe enough, a second 12th month is added (Adar Bet) to the calendar to give the barley more time to ripen.

The Creator’s calendar falls behind the pagan calendar about 11 days each year, making it necessary to have a second twelfth month added about every three years.

The barley must be “aviv” because it must be at a certain stage to be used as the “first fruits” offering on the first Sunday after Passover. When the first day of the new year is determined, then nine days later, the “perfect” Passover lamb is selected, which is the 10th day of the first month.

The lamb is inspected for flaws for four days, and sacrificed on the 14th of the month. At sundown, it is the fifteenth of the month, which also begins the seven days of eating unleavened bread. As soon as the next Sunday occurs (1 – 7 days from Passover), the barley is offered as the First Fruits offering.

After seven weeks, which ends on the Sabbath, the next day is Sunday, the 50th day, which is the Day of Pentecost.

Haaz Sleiman as Jesus of Nazareth in National Geographic Channel's Killing Jesus.

(photo credit:  National Geographic Channels/Kent Eanes)

Haaz Sleiman as Jesus of Nazareth in National Geographic Channel’s Killing Jesus.

(photo credit: National Geographic Channels/Kent Eanes)

On this day, the gift of the spirit of Jesus (the Holy Ghost) was given on the Temple Mount, as was the new Hebrew language given to Israel on the same day, 1625 years earlier at Mt. Sinai in 1598 BC (there is no year zero).

Through revelation, King David laid out the liturgy and protocols of the Temple service and lamb sacrifice, even though he was not allowed to build the Temple.

Every year, the Spring feasts were rehearsals for when the Messiah would come as a servant and sacrifice (first advent), and not as Judge and the conquering King (second and third advent).

That is why in Luke 4:18-20, Yeshua stopped in the middle of Isaiah 61:2, and didn’t finish with “…and the day of vengeance of our God; to comfort all that mourn”.

Yeshua (Yehovah in the flesh) came the first time as a servant, and sacrificial Lamb. His next two advents will be as Judge and King.

On the tenth day of Nisan (the first month), the High Priest journeys from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, to Bethlehem, which is about five miles away. He picks out the most perfect

lamb to be the main sacrifice, and takes it back through the streets of Jerusalem up to the Temple Mount while the people are lined up shouting “Hosanna in the highest, Messiah come, Messiah come”!

The lamb is examined for four days for any flaws. If no one finds any fault, the lamb is sacrificed on the 14th. Perhaps several thousands of lambs would be sacrificed and put into the ovens, and the main (perfect) lamb would be the last one.

After this, the High

Priest would finally be done, have something (hyssop?) to drink and proclaim “It is finished”!

Also in the late afternoon of the fourteenth, a certain number of barley bundles were tied together to “mark” or identify them to be used for the First Fruits offering after the weekly Sabbath. Until the offering is made unto the Lord by the High Priest, he was to stay in seclusion.

In the next chapter, we correct the false beliefs about the sacrifice and crucifixion.

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