Published On: Mon, Jul 6th, 2015

Understanding the Concept of Blogger Outreach

Every business is striving to gain a bigger online presence these days in order to stay ahead of the competition and survive in the market. Without any online presence, a business will not be able to reach its target audience and promote its products and services to them. Therefore, digital marketing and SEO have become essential elements in every business’s strategy.

There are different avenues that are explored for establishing this presence. Most businesses are so focused on social media marketing these days that they forget that there is another important platform they can utilize; blogs. Many businesses make use of blogs, but don’t make the effort of exploring their full potential.

According to research, the third most influential digital resource used by people for making their overall purchases is blogs. Retail sites and brand sites are the first and second resources, with 56% and 34% contribution respectively while 31% use blogs as a source of information. As a matter of fact, it was also discovered that blogs are actually the fifth most trustworthy and reliable sources of information over the web.

This makes them a very powerful resource that a business should exploit for its marketing and advertising and this can be done through blogger outreach programs.

photo/ Michael Jarmoluk via pixabay.com

photo/ Michael Jarmoluk via pixabay.com

Also known as blogger relations, a blogger outreach program simply involves businesses working with bloggers with the intention of creating authentic and genuine content for promoting a product, service or brand. This program can comprise of sampling campaigns, virtual events such as Twitter chats, live events and even ambassador programs.

The end goal of this program is to find bloggers of influence who can be a good match for your business and can get your target audience to talk about you. Bloggers hold a lot of potential because their job isn’t just to write on the web; they share honest, genuine and personal stories that aid them in forming vibrant communities.

This gradually leads to trust, which is an action driver. This is how bloggers can influence people and can be a powerful tool to have. The problem is that most businesses aren’t sure of how to convince bloggers to write for them. There is always the possibility that they can make the mistake of using the wrong name or may be unable to convince the bloggers that the business’s product or service is good enough for recommendation, or that they may choose the wrong blogs even if they manage to convince the bloggers to share posts about their businesses.

You cannot just pick the best blogger; you have to ensure that their style matches your brand and can work together without coming off as forced. You also need to figure out how bloggers will share your content because it is not a good idea to send out a mass press release and expect the bloggers to create something exceptional from it. If you are unsure of how to choose the right bloggers, you can take advantage of blogger outreach services that are willing to do the task for you and can provide you with the exposure you need.

Guest Post: Mariia Lvovych

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