Published On: Tue, Oct 27th, 2015

UNC ‘Silent Sam’ protest gets ugly: screaming profanity as Confederates, ‘F your flag’

Two Confederate heritage groups that converged at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill on Sunday to rally in support of a controversial Civil War statue on campus and were met with a volatile, aggressive and vulgar “counter protest.”

Black and white students objecting to the “Silent Sam” sculpture outnumbered the Confederate supporters 175-to-75, according to The College Fix.

The “counter protesters were relentless – booing, screaming, chanting and striving to disrupt the rally. They even had musicians with instruments. Many carried signs stating ‘It’s not heritage it’s hate,’ ‘Kick out the KKK,’ ‘I can’t believe we have to protest this s***,’ and ‘UNC admin, stop condoning white terrorism, anti-blackness, and Islamophobia,'” the Fix summarized.

Chants included: “Whose university? Our university!” and “Black lives matter,” to the more extreme “No justice! No peace! No racist police!” and “F*** your flag and go to h***!”

2007 photo/ Yellowspacehopper

2007 photo/ Yellowspacehopper

At one point the counter-protesters even turned on police officers – including black officers – standing guard. They shouted “why are cops protecting this statue?”

“Hey hey! Ho ho! This racist statue’s got to go!” Some attempted to block the path of the Confederate ralliers, but police escorted the Confederate protesters through, moving past those who tried to block the path.

“Let it be known that on this day the administrators allowed violence by showing more interest in protecting hate speech than preventing verbal terror and violence,” UNC student and counter-protest co-organizer Leah Osae chanted along with the crowd.

The “Silent Sam” sculpture memorializes Carolina students who died fighting for the Confederacy in the Civil War. The statue, erected in 1913, has been repeatedly vandalized with “KKK” and “Black Lives Matter,” resulting in the university adding security cameras to help ensure no further damage.

Under attack was special guest speaker, H.K. Edgerton, an African-American member of Sons of Confederate Soldiers and an activist for Southern heritage.

Protesters called out a series of profanities at Edgerton, jeering “F*** you! F*** your ideology! You’re boring, nobody wants to hear you!” and sometimes literally just shrieking. One protester referred to those gathered as “Nazi scum.” Another attempted to drive out the ralliers, telling one, “I’m saying your [Confederate flag] shirt makes you an idiot. Go home!” and referring to the members of the rally as fascists. Full College Fix coverage HERE

Edgerton also served as president of the Asheville, North Carolina chapter of the NAACP.



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  1. turn says:

    If a statue was erected at UNC-CH for all the students who fought/died in the Vietnam War, there would probably be many who would oppose the statue because they personally opposed the war itself and many even demonstrated against it.

    They would bring politics into discussion and totally forget that the statue was dedicated to those who fought.

    You can say it over and over again to these anti-Sam critics but they cannot or refuse to hear it. Silent Sam represents the 321 who died and the students who fought. You leave all the politics out of the equation because this statue is dedicated to their courageous answer to the call of duty. Most didn’t turn tail and run off to Canada like some did during the Vietnam War.

    Silent Sam is dedicated to the students and alumni and not to the poli-sci department.

    Wake up.

  2. Confederate Mike says:

    Well there you go !Peaceful Folks, well educated and aware of their Southern History simply trying to protect the actual History of the University and their ancestors while being harassed by disrespectful, misguided, ill-informed and UNEDUCATED animals. Who’s spewing the so called Hate I ask you?

    Complete shame !!!

    Wishing y’all a Most Spectacular Dixie Day !

    Deo Vindice, Confederate Mike

    Aut Vincere, Aut Mori

  3. Democrat KKK founder says:

    These people should be shown what actual white supremacy is. F*** n***ers (not all blacks)

    Did you know that democrats started the kkk, and Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr were republicans?

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