Published On: Sat, Feb 4th, 2017

Unbelievable facts on the Dead Sea: Stay informed

The Dead Sea is also called the Salt Sea and is a salty lake which forms a border to Jordan to the east and Israel and West Bank to the west. It is touted to be one of the truly unique and interesting places on Earth due to its hypersaline phenomenon. Not only is Dead Sea the saltiest water body on Earth but it is also the lowest point on the entire globe and perhaps one of the only water bodies where you can freely float without the risk of drowning. Just as there are lots to know on the Dead Sea like the Qumran scrolls which were lately discovered, let’s dive into some of the most interesting facts that you didn’t know on the Dead Sea.

A photograph of the War Scroll found in cave 1 Matson Photo Service – American Colony Jerusalem via Library of Congress

  • The shores and surfaces of the Salt Sea or the Dead Sea are 1,388 feet or 423 metres below the level of sea and hence it has been marked as the lowest point on land.
  • The Dead Sea was formed from a rift which was found in the crust of the Earth. The Dead Sea was formed from a rift which was called the Rift Valley, where the surface of the earth sunk really down because the crust was exceptionally thin. If you’ve been planning to visit the Dead Sea, hurry up as the scientists are of the opinion that the Dead Sea would be sinking further every year.
  • The Dead Sea is blessed with some incredible powers of healing. There are doctors who prescribe a visit to the Dead Sea for their patients and when you see this you would know that there’s something that is going to happen. The sea contains 32% salt and immensely high mineral content, the water is considered to assist people with joint issues like arthritis, respiratory issues and chronic skin problems like acne, psoriasis and cellulite. Due to the low UV rays from the sun and bromide in air, it can also play a role in natural healing.
  • No, you don’t require floatation devices to float on the Dead Sea. Once you reach Dead Sea, our bodies become more buoyant due to the higher concentration of mineral salts which are already dissolved. As compared to the other oceans, the Dead Sea is 8 times saltier. Hence instead of swimming, visitors can just float around. In fact, you shouldn’t ever try to swim there as it won’t work.
  • The mud of the Dead Sea is great for your skin. You will find images of tourists who are slathering mud on their bodies and this is done because the mud too has healing powers. There are deposits of black mud which you will find right under the seabed. The mud is extremely good for your skin as it has high levels of magnesium, potassium, sodium and calcium. If you look forward to buy this world-famous mud, you may even get it online.

As mentioned above, the Dead Sea Scrolls were hidden within a cave in Qumran and they contain some of the most ancient copies that were ever described of the Hebrew Bible. Some portions of the Qumran scrolls now have made it to the various museums and hence we can learn about their history.

Author: Lolita Di

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