Published On: Mon, Jul 24th, 2017

Ultimate Cheat Sheet of Tahitian Pearls

Undoubtedly, pearls are priceless especially when it is Tahitian. Tahitian pearls, also known as black pearls, are gaining worldwide popularity rapidly. As a result of it, pearl dealers from across the world are investing their time to bring out more such pearls in the market.

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Different Colors of Tahitian Pearls

The unique way of reflecting and refracting light give a Tahitian pearl its color. It can vary widely from dark green to gray. Numerous pearly layers are responsible for its interesting colors. Among the different colors available in the market, black pearls have outstanding luster. Consequently, they are increasingly used in jewelries.

Though mostly these pearls are black yet you can expect other colors too, and all of them are naturally occurred. The quantity of black pigment secreted by an oyster decides intensity of the color. You have to pay more if the chosen color of the pearl is dark enough.

Peacock green pearls are quite rare, and as such, they are also considered exclusive. However, their prices are double in comparison to the green colored pearls. Aubergine, pink, and gold are some other colors you can expect to get while shopping for Tahitian pearls.

Different Shapes of Tahitian Pearls

According to the experts, only 10% of actual pearls have a perfect round shape. Approximately, only 5% of such pearls get a perfect round shape after harvesting. So much of efforts given to enhance the beauty of black pearls account for its expensiveness.

Generally, these pearls are semi-round in shapes. In making various pearl jewelries, they are being extensively used throughout the world. Other shapes you can get in them are baroque, semi-baroque, and circle.

Quality Control is Conducted during Processing

Due to the long growth time of these pearls inside the oyster, mostly, their sizes of spectrum ranges somewhere between 8mm to 14mm. To make them ready for selling, the professionals make sure that they are having a nacre thickness of or above 0.8mm. Otherwise, the pearl cannot be sold.

If the surface of the pearl has no luster, then it will be rejected. Pearls having deep imperfections on their surfaces are also considered unsuitable to sell. By taking into consideration, their surface coating, diameter, and shape, the experts determine whether it can be brought into the market or not. During harvesting the pearls which they consider imperfect are removed from the lot. Strict quality control makes these pearls long lasting. Moreover, this process also ensures that their luster will be maintained as it is for a long period of time.

Regardless of your occasion, you can wear jewelries made of Tahitian black pearls with almost all outfits. Their big sizes and beautiful shapes attract the attention of all fashionistas. If you opt for online shopping, you will come across numerous ecommerce stores selling quality pearls. Before purchasing from their site, understand their terms and conditions. Clear all your doubts regarding the quality and payment options. If you have landed on a genuine website, then its CCE will solve your queries without hesitation.

Author: Pankaj Deb

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