Published On: Wed, Jan 4th, 2017

UK’s Metro published ‘What you need to know’ guide to getting an abortion

The United Kingdom’s fourth biggest newspaper published an article title “Here’s what you need to know if you need to have an abortion” stating that “if you do decide this isn’t the right time for a baby- for whatever reason- that’s 100% your decision, and whatever your reasons are, they are valid.”

Metro.co.uk’s Ashitha Nagesh writes that “some people feel like an emotional wreck, weeping uncontrollably in the recovery chair,” post-abortion, but points to the abortion clinics counseling as a solution.

Even though Marie Stopes was targeted in a CQC report highlighting failures in safety, consent and safeguarding, the abortion provider is recommended in the stunning piece.

photo: 14 week fetus photo/ Your Pregnancy week by week

“The article in the Metro, which amounts to no more than crude advertising for the abortion industry, is contemptuous of readers of the Metro, and of all those who have suffered from abortion,” Dr Anthony McCarthy of SPUC said in response to the post, as quoted by Life Site News.

“The article ignores the huge amount of evidence for sometimes devastating long-term consequences of abortion, while promoting ‘abortion providers’ such as Marie Stopes, which recently had to shut down its clinics in the light of investigations into appalling negligence towards the women it claims to care for. Readers should protest the Metro’s dishonest advertising of an industry responsible not only for the destruction of unborn lives but for truly adverse effects on mothers and on fathers.”

It isn’t a talk shocking that the Metro has become so pro-abortion. A December article demonized the use of “baby bump” images in news stories as a means to “criminalize” abortion and began the post by touting how “We’re lucky enough to live in a country where we have access to free and legal abortions…”

“Those who have early abortions wouldn’t even be showing by this point( 24 weeks, The Dispatch edit), so using such images of heavily pregnant women criminalises the procedure, adding unnecessary connotations of murder,” the article notes, because the point is that abortions after this gestational age are said to be rare.

Abortion supporters point out the low late-term abortion numbers, but here in the U.S. the CDC numbers still point to 5 LATE-TERM, approximately 4-POUND BABIES ARE ABORTED EVERY DAY. Here’s the data and analysis, read more HERE


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