Published On: Tue, Nov 30th, 2021

Types of Damages You Could Include in Your Car Accident Claims

After sustaining injuries in a car accident, many ask themselves what kind of damages qualify for a claim when filing for compensation. Car accident lawyers state damages are funds the insurance pays victims for their injuries and losses after the accident. No amount is comparable to the suffering and pain many people undergo following an accident. These damages help victims facilitate their recovery, cover living expenses, and attempt to make them whole again after suffering losses.

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Read on to learn more about the different types of damages victims are likely to include in their car accident claims.

1. Medical Expenses

The injuries victims sustain after an accident range from cuts and bruises to permanent disability. The unexpected economic implication of such injuries can be very high, especially when emergency care is required. While some injuries will show immediately after an accident, others can show later.

Seek medical assistance after an accident to have a doctor determine the extent of your injuries. After the examination, ask the doctor for a medical report to include when filing for the accident claims. Medical expenses include consultation fees, ambulance fees, medication, and any rehabilitation costs after the accident.

2. Loss of Income

After the accident, victims may be unable to work for a period of time while they recover. During that time, they incur lost wages, which are compounded depending on the type of injuries they have. If a victim suffers permanent injuries, calculating these wages factor in their life expectancy and future lost wages, too.

Loss of income damages are viable when victims provide evidence their injuries have stopped their ability to earn a living or reduce their earning potential in the future.

3. Loss of Property

In almost all car accidents, victims suffer loss of property when their vehicles sustain damage. A reputable lawyer can advise when to file for property damages separate from bodily injuries to receive adequate compensation that addresses the loss accurately. The compensation awarded for property loss pays for a victim’s vehicle repairs or replacement.

4. Loss of Consortium

Injuries suffered in an accident can prevent victims from enjoying a normal relationship with their partner and family. Individuals can state it is difficult to perform conjugal rights with their partner due to the injuries. Although they are viable, the success of these claims depends on several factors in a case. A reputable personal injury lawyer can help victims understand which damages are viable in their unique case.

5. Wrongful Death

Unfortunately, some accidents cause the death of a loved one. These accident claims include any medical expenses, funeral expenses, and for the pain and suffering the death causes. Additionally, this damage factors in any loss of future income of the deceased and loss of enjoyment for the surviving family members.

As the spouse or relative of the deceased, you could be eligible to file for this form of damage.

File for All Eligible Damages, You Deserve Them 

The time victims spend recovering after an injury can be long and financially draining. Although filing a claim and winning financial compensation does not erase the pain and suffering victims experience, it can help victims return to a sense of normalcy. 

A competent lawyer can examine your case, help you quantify the value of your loss, gather evidence, and fight to see you receive maximum compensation when the other party is found liable for your suffering.

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