Published On: Tue, Oct 11th, 2016

TV One offers up ‘racist’ poll over Mike Colter’s white wife

While racial tensions are at the highest levels since the 1960s, TV One thought it best to ask if fans and their readers were dismayed over Luke Cage‘s Mike Colter’s white wife.

The poll asks: “Turns Out Luke Cage Has a White Wife — Mad or Nah?” offering the options of “Not gonna lie — I’m a little hurt” or “Do you boo”.

Luke Cage is the latest Netflix, Marvel superhero show centering on Colter’s titular character set in Harlam with a strong, honest and intense African-American tone.

luke-cage-title-card-netflix“There’s no question, ‘Luke Cage’ is the blackest superhero EVER” begins the article, later stating that “it’s all black everything. Throw in the fact that his love interest is a mature black woman with natural hair and we are ready to black out with glee.”

The issue was brought up on The Breakfast Club podcast, watch it at their post, after an appearance on Wendy Williams which prompted a gasp by the room of black women.

“I love my sistas… I look at people [for their] character and what is inside,” Colter said. “I met my wife when I was struggling and in grad school. She stuck with me for 16 years… She held me up many times.”

On “types,” Colter said If somebody caught a sista walking around with a 6-foot-7 brotha, is that her type? Next week, you see her walking with a short brotha or Spanish guy — do we have to have a type?”

One of the comments responds to the concerns over raising the questions: “… it’s not an issue to YOU b/c you’re white and you don’t know the history of pain SOME, not all, black women feel when black men dip out of their race. I hope their both happy, and I believe love knows no bounds, but this will always be an issue amongst certain black women for reasons you’ll NEVER understand. You just don’t get it, but I digress, Carry on.”

Some remarks center on Jessica Jones, the white love interest of the character in the comic book. That said, questioning interracial relationships in 2016 seems so wildly inappropriate that there real surprise is that there is no outrage.

Reality is that just under 20% confessed that they are “hurt.”

Mike Colter luke-cage-teaser-trailer-screenshot


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