Published On: Sun, Aug 30th, 2020

Turning Picture Into Painting

Paintings of the world are beautiful things to look at and appreciate. There is a whole subset of people that have dedicated their lives to appreciating art. This appreciation ranges from the composition, the style of the painter, the painter’s story, and even the subject being painted. While there is an equivalent crowd for the appreciation of photography it isn’t as widely spread globally. This can be contributed to the fact that photos can be recreated and many do not require that much effort to get. Anybody can go out with a camera and take a picture but it takes a unique and special talent to be a human camera that sees an object and is able to translate this mental image onto a blank canvas. Many of us are probably not skilled painters but how can someone get a personal painting of the things that they enjoy most in life? The answer is to commission a painting from a skilled artist. While many people do not know of any artists, companies have made this process easy by connecting customers with artists to commission their piece of art they work on. One ingenious idea that has been created is to allow people to submit photographs of the item they want painted. This is an incredibly ingenious idea because anyone with a camera can take a photo but only artists can paint this same scene. By allowing people to select exactly what they want painted it allows them to receive a painting that has essentially been converted from photos to paintings. Below is a description of the things you should consider when composing a photograph and things to consider when getting the photo painted. 

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Composing the photo

Photography is a profession that long ago was a very guarded trade where only the wealthy could afford cameras and to have photographs taken. Nowadays cameras are available everywhere and are a standard issue on many mobile phones today. Knowing how to use a camera is easy as it only requires the knowledge of how to point the camera and click a button. Knowing how to take good photos however takes a little bit of practice but once mastered becomes second nature. For taking a picture with the purpose of having it transformed into a painting it is important to have a mental image of what you want the painting end result to look like. This includes knowing what orientation the painting needs to be, what color palette you are wanting, as well as what you are wanting the painting to have in it. Once these ideas are solidified it is time to go out with the camera and shoot photos. The main goal of this photo is to give the artist enough information for them to adequately understand the scene, see the details of the scene, and understand the subject of the painting. For example if you are wanting a portrait of your dog you will want to go outside during a well lit time of day. This is typically an hour after sunrise or an hour before sunset as these times are least likely to lead to overexposure and loss of detail of the photo. You will want to position the dog and pose them in a way you feel is right and ensure the photos you take capture your dog’s essence.

Commissioning the painting

With a picture in hand it is time to begin the process of converting the photo into a painting with the help of an artist. When using a company that is known for commissioning artists for a conversion of a photo to a painting, they will typically ask you all the necessary questions. This includes what the subject is, what kinds of materials you want to use in the painting, and the dimensions you want for the painting. Once all of these selections are made you are able to select the artist that will convert the photos into a painting. During this stage samples of the artist’s work are provided to determine which artist will be able to give the desired end result and the desired style. Once these selections are finalized the painting can take as little as 15 days to be painted and delivered. 

In today’s world many things have become drastically easier than how they were done before. Getting a painting of exactly what you want is a prime example of this phenomenon. In a not too distant past it would require extensive research, many conversations with an artist, and a lot of money to create a custom piece of art. With the process described above it is as easy as taking a photo of the subject you want the painting of, submitting it, selecting preferences, and paying a fair price. All of these things are able to be done from the comfort of your own home and is the perfect way of getting the exact piece of artwork you want and need.

Author: Jacob Maslow

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