Trump wrong and lies in attack on Cruz, ‘the system’ to delegitimize the process

A desperate Donald Trump wrote an op-ed, published by the Wall Street Journal and others, attacking the Colorado designation of delegates and attempts to delegitimize the entire primary process knowing that he will not win at the convention on the first vote and delegates will rally around and select Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

Trump’s dishonesty begins with the first sentence in which he states that “Colorado had an “election” without voters. Delegates were chosen on behalf of a presidential nominee, yet the people of Colorado were not able to cast their ballots to say which nominee they preferred.”

In fact, 65,000 voters participate in the Colorado caucus, congressional district conventions and Colorado’s state convention. The rules for the caucuses and the subsequent conventions are open to amendment. These “unfair” rules are determined by the people participating in the caucuses.

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Trump is seeking a populist approach to delegate counts and a nomination, but that is and HAS NEVER BEEN the process.

Cruz recently went on the Glenn Beck Radio Show and call Trump a cry baby who never even went to the state and cannot handle losing (great quotes and full audio HERE)

“A planned vote had been canceled. And one million Republicans in Colorado were sidelined,” Trump states in the April 14 op-ed. “I, for one, am not interested in defending a system that for decades has served the interest of political parties at the expense of the people.”

Trump avoids attacks on the Iowa caucus, which is extremely complex or the one held in Nevada, which he won. He stays focused on attacking the overall system, like DC fatcats in a smoke-filled room are conspiring against him.

“We must leave no doubt that voters, not donors, choose the nominee. How have we gotten to the point where politicians defend a rigged delegate-selection process with more passion than they have ever defended America’s borders? Perhaps it is because politicians care more about securing their private club than about securing their country.”

“If the people who ran the Trump campaign were not aware of what the rules in Colorado were, and Ted Cruz’s people were, that is what happens when you hire people who are not up to the challenges of their job,” Thomas Sowell penned in a response to this Trump outrage.

“When Trump, for example, wins less than a majority of a state’s votes and yet gets 100 percent of its delegates, you don’t hear other candidates yelling or whining that they have been robbed. But the cold fact is that Trump’s percentage of the delegates is still higher than his percentage of the people who actually voted for him,” Sowell points out.

Cruz has closed the delegate gap to less than 200 and Trump may fear a less than superior showing over the week or so as left-leaning states should give him a big delegate surplus before Cruz-leaning states vote.

The only certainty is that Trump will not be quiet loser or a humble winner.

Full transcript at WSJ, read it here.

Photo/donkeyhotey donkeyhotey.wordpress.com

Photo/donkeyhotey donkeyhotey.wordpress.com

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