Published On: Tue, Feb 16th, 2016

Trump supporters in Tampa: One protester’s account

There are many articles on who are Donald Trump supporters and what makes them tick. One article said the common trait is an authoritarian personality, another place said they like “people who talk big”, which I guess is the same as the former article.

photo/ donkeyhotey

photo/ donkeyhotey

Nonetheless, there appears to be a common theme. When you try to discuss issues online with Trump supporters, it frequently turns to name-calling or the rather simplistic GO TRUMP! (yes, in all caps).

I personally never been to a Trump rally; however, last Friday one was held at the USF Sun Dome in Tampa, FL and it garnered not only the typical HUGE crowd, but also quite a few protesters.

One young lady, a Trump protester, described her experience protesting outside the rally quite eloquently and quite detailed on her Facebook page (which has had thousands of shares to date).

She is of Middle-Eastern descent and wears the garb, college student age, based on her writing, probably liberal and clearly not a Trump fan. At the protest, she talks of how supporters treated her and I’ll share some of what she wrote:

She talked of how that was her first protest and condemns some of the things the Republican frontrunner has said and what he stands for; however, she does say, “I’ve got to say, I have never ever EVER been yelled at and discriminated towards like I was today.

“Today, I met the people who I really should protest. I protested from 4:30 until 9 pm. In these five hours, I was called a terrorist, accused of being anti-American, a “fu*king Moozlem,” a “b*tch,” a racist, a “Jesus hater,” a baby killer, and so many more things that I had no choice but to tune out.

“People who live in the same country as me, who are born citizens (LIKE ME) were telling me to “go back home” and to “get a life.” One emboldened older man shouted at me to take my “fu*king hajeeb off.” Another blew smoke directly in my face for minutes while I tried to get an officer (who didn’t listen) to get him away from my healthy lungs. I was flipped off, trashed, called names, and violated of my personal space.”

She later writes, “I’d like to draw attention to the young woman who decided it was “free speech” to throw the contents of her cup into the faces of my fellow protesters today. These are the people. These are the people who support Trump. If you don’t find Trump horrifying, then look at his supporters.”

She writes much more but you get the gist.

Granted, this is one side of the story and I wasn’t there and don’t know if the protesters treated the Trump supporters in kind; however, this kind of behavior has been reported on before.

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