Published On: Wed, Mar 30th, 2016

Trump reveals his big government side in Town Hall

While so much media air-time has been focused on the drama surrounding Donald Trump, campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski and reporter Michelle Fields, Mr Trump said something very important that many are not noticing.

Republican presidential front-runner, Donald Trump has a long history of being for big government, socialist-like policies, despite the words that come out of his mouth today.

photo/ donkeyhotey

photo/ donkeyhotey

But if you truly believe something, you can only conceal it for so long before it slips out–This happened last night during a CNN Town Hall in Wisconsin.

When asked a question from someone in the audience concerning “What are the top three functions of the United States government?”, Trump answered by saying:

“Well, the greatest function of all by far is security for our nation.  I would also say health care, I would also say education.  I mean, there are many, many things, but I would say the top three are security, security, security.

“We have to have security for our country so that we can continue to exist as a country.  We are in danger.  Thousands and thousands of people are infiltrating our country.  We don’t know who they are.

“There’s a very vicious world.  We’re living in a very vicious world and we’re doing something that is against a lot of very smart people’s wishes.  I can tell you, it’s totally against my wishes.”

Moderator, Anderson Cooper followed up confirming Trump’s answer, “So top three, you’re saying, security?”

Trumps answered, “Security.  I say all top three are security, but health care, education, would be probably three that would be top.  And then you can go on from there.”

I’m quite sure that the US Constitution DOES NOT give the federal government ANY authority in the areas of health care or education.

This just demonstrates that Mr Trump’s knowledge of the Constitution can fit in a thimble. His desire to follow that document is likely even smaller.

What about these many, many things Trump speaks of? Maybe if Mr Trump spent the same time studying our founding document instead of listening to the talking heads on Morning Joe, he’d rethink what he said.

During the debates, during his speeches to supporters, the constitutionality of this policy or that policy is never brought up. At least the other candidates he’s running against will give the Constitution lip-service in an effort to appear to have a desire to abide by their oath.

The most you get from Trump is “I love the Constitution” bumper sticker slogan.

I get it…despite what some Republicans say, following the Constitution is low priority for most candidates running for office in Washington, DC, left and right.

I suspect that if Mr Trump get elected, regrets will be happening soon after (not that the others are significantly better than Trump).

I wonder if Trump media-boy, Sean Hannity, who blows his horn as a “card carrying Conservative”, will critique Mr Trump for the above answer?

I know…don’t hold my breath.


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  2. Brandon Jones says:

    Doesn’t sound like a neocon at all, now does he?

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