Published On: Sun, Sep 17th, 2017

Trump Promises To Fight Sanctuary City Court Loss

The tenuous topic of illegal immigration continues to impede President Trump and keeping his campaign promises of immigration reform. The latest setback came from the 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals and the order San Francisco-based U.S. District Court Judge William Orrick issued in April, which barred federal agencies from using Trump’s directive to threaten grants to localities.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is appealing a judge’s injunction limiting President Donald Trump’s executive order that sought to deny federal funding to local governments with so-called sanctuary policies protecting undocumented immigrants.

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Immediately after the judicial ruling, the Trump administration voiced their confidence in the rule of law, stating that they have little doubt that the Supreme Court will rule in the Administration’s favor.

San Francisco has again decided to ignore federal statutes and laws regarding illegal immigrants, and to work against the laws by not helping law enforcement follow the rules.

The administration asserts that the cities who provide sanctuary for undocumented immigrants are putting the public in danger, and that their policies are leading to an increase in crime rates and an overall terrorism threat to America.

Trump is still fighting for the temporary ban on Muslims who want to immigrate to the U.S. from Islamic State sensitive countries, particularly those identified during the Obama administration.

With the recent confirmation of Neil Gorsuch, the Supreme Court is tipped in Trump’s favor, and his return to law and order and enforcing laws that are on the book will likely not be overridden. Much in line with the rulings when Justice Scalia was still on the court.

Sessions’s promise to start better enforcement of laws is not going to let up anytime soon, which may mean that sanctuary cities will be dealt with at a different level.

Sessions is a pragmatist, and if Trump’s attempt at withholding funds isn’t found to be a viable way to control those who provide sanctuary to criminals breaking the law, then a new plan will probably be proposed to combat those who provide a haven to law-breakers.

Even if the federal government isn’t allowed to hold funds to force sanctuary cities to comply, many immigrants are fearful that local police who are commandeered by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement will detain them if they go in for help or if they have an emergency.

Currently, even sanctuary cities turn over any undocumented illegals who are caught committing crimes. The idea behind providing sanctuary is one of humanitarian relief. If an immigrant is the victim of a crime or needs help, they won’t get the help they need if they are afraid to come forward for fear of deportation. The cities who are upholding their pledge to provide safety maintain they are doing so to save lives and not to break laws.

A lawyers Queens NY professional thinks the likelihood that the courts who are making the rules regarding Trump’s attempt to curb illegal immigration aren’t basing their decisions on any real “law,” but rather on an ideology about what is right and wrong. The laws regarding who can and who can’t be on American soil are very clear. What hasn’t been clear is what the repercussions will be for people who break the rules. Being here without permission is a crime, so sanctuary cities who claim they are handing over anyone who is committing a crime only is an oxymoron to begin with.

If Trump is ever going to be able to have a return to law and order in America, it just might have to start with the court system. If the Supreme Court rules in favor of the executive branch, then those cities who harbor illegal immigrants might have more of a problem doing so without losing funding and the constituents who vote them in.

UPDATED Post originally submitted by Ben Obirek.

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