Published On: Mon, Nov 13th, 2017

Trump is without a clue of what this country represents: Barnicle

“Sadly, and I truly regret to say this–all weekend long, watching and following his trip (speaking of Trump), we can’t wait for history.

“The judgement is being made now. World leaders are laughing at our President of the United States.

“Who stands on foreign soil, attacks two career intelligence officials–Brennen and Clapper–calls them hacks, attacks a former director of the FBI–calls him a liar.

“All of this happening after he rejects TPP. They roll out the red carpet, they give him a big crowd and he’s thrilled saying nobody’s ever seen this before for any foreign leader in China, they are picking our pockets.

“We’re the United States of America and regretfully, I regret to say this–the President of the United States is without a clue of who we are and what this country represents.”

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This was from “columnist”, Mike Barnicle on Morning Joe this morning.

It’s this kind of stuff and saying that Trump is not presidential that drives me nuts, but not for the reason you may think.

I have numerous problems with Donald Trump but not being presidential is low on the list. Or as Barnacle said, He’s without a clue of who we are and what this country represents.

Not really sure what that means but what I do know is what we have gotten when we had “presidential” Presidents. Look at some recent and not so recent atrocities done by Presidents who were “presidential” and ask–Is this what this country represents?:

  • A doubling of the national debt (Bush-$5 trillion to 10 trillion and Obama- $10 trillion to 20 trillion).
  • The internment of Japanese Americans (FDR)
  • Invasion of Iraq
  • Confiscation of gold (FDR)

The list could really go on and on with unconstitutional wars, taking over the US healthcare system since 1965, and more.

So my question is, What has “presidential got us?

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