Trump and Dr. Seuss a hilarious mix, A demonstration of unbridled hatred on Craigslist

In case you missed it, Twitter was extraordinarily funny the other day, so good that Theodor Geisel himself may of chuckled from beyond. The hashtag #TrumpDrSeuss brought out the best in poetry Thursday as anti-Trump people wrote to the magical cadence of the great Dr. Seuss. Here are a few examples that left me glued to my phone the other day:

I do not like this small-hand man,

I do not like his orange tan

I do not want him in my blouse

I do not want him in the House.

And then there was this:

Do not grope me in a car.

Do not grope me at a bar.

Do not grope, you understand?

Do not grope me, orange man!

And the hits keep coming:

U cannot grope me here & there.

U cannot grope me anywhere.

I do not like u weird orange beast.

I do not like u in the least.

Of course, some of the tweets got out of hand as you might expect, but some were definitely worth a good laugh and a interesting exhibition of creativity.

Speaking of vitriol

While this election has really brought out the worst in human beings where hatred of the other is rampant and politics is everything, I found some real bile-spewing vitriol on Craigslist against the Republican nominee. You have to wonder how anyone can so angry. It was titled, “I would love to see Malaria leave Trump”:

Wouldn’t it be great if Trump were to lose his trophy wife? I want to see his life ruined due to what he’s done to the country. Already his hotel business is off 25% from last year. I want to see him destroyed financially, and maybe even jailed for his tax evasion or his sexual assaults. I want him to regret his failed presidential bid every day for the rest of his putrid life.

Wow. I would hope we were better than this.

Guess not.



photo / donkeyhotey

photo / donkeyhotey


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