Published On: Fri, Jun 30th, 2017

Tricks to Help you Save Money in College

With economic times becoming tougher every day, it is prudent to find some ways of making some savings on your college expenses. But how can a student save money when bills are spiraling and the cost of living is rising day by day?

The answer to the above question contains many tips and tricks that can help you to make the most of your limited cash while on campus. Besides the best credit travel card from https://effectify.com/credit-cards/cash-back-credit-cards/, there are many other ways of saving on your college expenses. Keep reading to learn more about other habits that will make you a good saver.

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Don’t rush to buy textbooks

Books are some of the biggest expenses you will incur during your studies at college. Therefore, you need to take your time and exhaust all the avenues of getting textbooks before committing your money to buy them. For instance, you can borrow textbooks from the university library or fellow students. If it is a must to buy textbooks, then you should consider buying second-hand books and enjoy some savings.

Live with a roommate

Another thrift habit that will save you money while in college is living with a roommate. Yes, it is true that you may need to make a few sacrifices to live with a fellow student. But when you look at the overall benefits of living together and sharing the cost of living, it is worth taking this path. For instance, if you share a room, your rent and power bills will reduce by half. Under such an arrangement, you can also save more on shared Internet bills. Lastly, if you are living with one or two roommates, you can do your shopping once per month and enjoy bulk purchase discounts.

Save on your entry-level laptop

For freshmen, you can save some money when purchasing your laptop. All you need to do is to identify a good campus bookstore that offers special laptop discounts for incoming students. In addition, you can take advantage of discounts from manufacturers such as Apple and Dell to save some cash.

Embrace discount programs

Another way of saving money during your college studies is joining discount programs from various retailers across the country. You can take advantage of the rewards and points some of them offer and save on groceries and drugs. The only thing you need to know before signing up is whether their discounts apply when you purchase in bulk or during some special seasons.

Beware of credit card abuse

Lastly, avoid credit card abuse. If you are sure you will be tempted to overspend, then don’t carry your credit card to campus. It is safer to spend only the money you can afford to pay.

Mastering and applying saving tricks can help you go through campus without financial stress and debts. By applying the tips and tricks we have shared, you will get yourself on the right path of making the most of your little resources in college.

Author: effectify.com team

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