Published On: Tue, Sep 6th, 2011

Trevor Clive, Pakistani Christian struggling to get asylum in Finland

Helsinki, Finland: September 3, 2011. (PCP) Mr. Trevor Clive, a Pakistani Christian is under immense mental pressure in Finland. He is waiting for higher courts decision on his asylum application which has been denied from immigration authorities. Mr. Trevor Clive is in Finland from September 19, 2008, with his wife Tasneem Trevor, daughter Elina Trevor and son Kevin Trevor.

Finland is a member state of EU, while EU Human Right Commission have repeatedly expressed concern on controversial Blasphemy law in Pakistan and urged government of Pakistan to repeal it because it is targeting religious minorities.

Trevor Clive, who was accused of blasphemy by Muslim cleric in Pakistan, fled with his family from Pakistan after months in hiding on fear of arrest or life threats from radical Muslims.

There have been incidents of broad day light murders of Christian accused of blasphemy in courts and jails and assassination of Pakistani Christian Federal Minister for Minorities affairs is on record when Tahreek Taliban Pakistan gunned him down in capital city of Islamabad on accusations that he raised voice to amend blasphemy law.

There have been incidents of destroying Christian villages on pretext to blasphemy law and burning alive Christian children and women by Muslim mob.

In light of present situation of Christians in Pakistan under prevailing blasphemy law is constant threat to their life and property.

The fears of Mr. Clive Trevor value that if his asylum application is denied by Finland his life and his family member’s lives will be not safe in Pakistan.

Talking with PCP, Mr. Trevor Clive said that after registration of blasphemy case against him in Pakistan, Rev. Fr. Maynard provided him shelter to hide from fear of Islamists who were following him and looking for him in different Churches.

Mr. Trevor further said that Saleem Khursheed Khokar, a Christian Member of Sindh Assembly from Karachi, wrote to Finland immigration authorities confirming my situation in Pakistan but due consideration was not paid on it also.

According to Trevor Clive, he reached Finland after months travelling with his family on paying heavy amount to one agent in a last hope that EU and Finland will award him refugee status to safe his and his family life but here no one is ready to mercy on me.

In an e-Mail to PCP, Trevor Clive wrote:

“I have been living as a refugee in Finland since 19-09-2008 along with my family Tasneem Trevor (wife) Kevin Trevor (Son) Precious Elina -Daughter born in Finland. we have been given to negative decisions first by Finnish Immigration on 05th January 2010,then we appealed in Helsinki Administrative Court, and they gave us second negative decision on 13th June 2011,we appealed in Supreme Administrative Court in Helsinki, and in first decision they said we believe what you have said is true but we need more information regarding the person who is trying to kill you and your family, after many long efforts I got some help from a Christian MPA(Saleem Khokhar) in Pakistan he also wrote and explained to Immigration the life threatening we are facing in Pakistan but then in the second negative decision they say that you have a enmity with a local person and no person from Pakistan government wants to kill you, which is totally injustice, We have told them and given all proofs that we have a Blasphemy case registered against us in police station in Karachi Pakistan, so if we are returned we shall be killed or put in jail and you may be well aware of the situation of Christians in Pakistan right now who have Blasphemy case against them they are being killed in broad day light and no one can help them not even government of Pakistan just few months back A Christian Minorities Minister Shahbaz Bhatti was killed just because he tried to help a victim of Blasphemy law, I would also like to put light on one more serious issue, on 16th August 2011 a Kurdi Man from red Cross reception office came to our home, since he has been working in red cross since 2 years and has been coming to our home to give post or info, my wife who was alone at home opened door for him and he tried to rape her but my wife managed to survive, and reported the incident to police so on 23rd August 2011 the police called us and we were in the impression that we have been called for the crime reporting but then they said that first you have a meeting with police regarding your asylum case and then we later talk about the incident which happened with you which is totally injustice the police should have first recorded my wife statement and then later inform us about the incident then a police man informed us that we have called the supreme administrative court and they say that they have not yet decided yet, and they say police can’t wait for Supreme Court to decide it may even take 1 year for them to decide but the police have the authority to deport you back to Pakistan and we are going to deport you and your family back to Pakistan, and also they are telling us if police take you back they will put hand cufss to you and your children, and 8 police men will go with you and hand over you to Pakistani police, which is the most corrupt police in the world, and if you do not go want to go like this then we have an International organization IOM which says that you can go voluntarily back to Pakistan and the police man is calling me every day to sign it they say they will help you to go to Pakistan and also give you money to go back, but we do not need money we need justice, now me and wife have a very good job and we have told them we started working so we do not social money anymore as we shall earn and feed our children”

Trevor Clive

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